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Industrial LED Message Displays to keep the Plant Informed

All-in-One Master
LED Message Display

  • Display Messages sent by PLC, PC, SCADA or any other Master device
  • Display & Store User Programmed Messages
  • Built-in PLC Protocols
  • Local Logic within EZ iMarquee
  • Import Tag Database from PLC
  • No PLC Ladder Logic Changes

What do customers
say about our products?


Quick Delivery and Reliable Equipment
I have always received my orders quickly and have had Excellent longevity with the devices in service.

- Tomah

Very Nice, being able to display a scrolling 4" message is very helpful in a plant that is spread out with a small work force.

- Grace

Andon display
The EZ andon dislays in our automotive plant are going strong even after 11 years. They are just as visible as when we first bought them

- Detriot,