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EZ EncoderHeavy Duty Rotary Shaft Encoders

You'll be Surprised how Robust
a $89 Encoder can be!!

Encoder Features Models Cables  
  • Field Programmable Models with no software required!
  • 4 Digit LED Display - Shows Position & RPM
  • Heavy Duty, NEMA 4, IP65 Housing for Size 25 Models
  • Medium Duty, NEMA 12, IP54 Housing for Size 15 Models
  • Output: Quadrature with Index, Single or Line Driver (ET7272)
  • Quick Disconnect or MS Connector Hook-ups
  • Heavy Duty Shaft Loads (10lbs for Size 15, 80lbs for Size 25)
  • Drop-in Replacement Size 25 Models for BEI, Dynapar and Encoder Products
  • Programmable Features: Resolution, Type (BCD, Gray, Binary), Clockwise/Counter Clockwise
  • Servo or Flange Mount

What do customers
say about our products?


EZEncoder: Love the Flexibility
The ability to program the resoluton and output type on unit has reduced 13 part numbers in my inventory.

- Chicago, IL

Low Cost Reliable
Small Size 15 being used throughout plant. Very cost effective and simple for my packaging application.

- Wixom, MI

Same Day Delivery!
Previous encoder suppliers have long lead times. Placed order and it was shipped same day from EZ. Great Customer service.

- Louisville, KY