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No PLC Ladder Logic Change!

No ladder logic change required when adding a display to communicate Machine/Process status and alarms to plant floor as long as the data is available in PLC. The EZ Intelligent Marquee becomes another node on the PLC network which and reads and writes to PLC registers just like an HMI/Operator Interface does.

Most Major PLC Protocols Built-in

  • Allen Bradley Ethernet I/P & DF1
  • Siemens ISO over TCP/IP
  • Automaton Direct (K-Sequence, Do-More, Click Series etc..)
  • Mitsubishi
  • Omron
  • Modbus RTU & TCP I/P
  • Complete list click here

Math Logic / Scripting

The Intelligent Marquees offer a sophisticated control, called the Multi-function Object. As the name implies, this Object allows you to perform multiple functions, including Mathematical and Logical operations on PLC data. For example, you can set/reset multiple bits & transfer constants or variables or expressions to tags. Remarkably, this Benefit allows a user to perform up to 20 operations with one Object. Performing these Multiple functions is a very useful feature to offload mathematical & logical computations from the ladder logic to the Marquee.

Display & Store User Programmed Messages based on Event (Tag address) and Time

iMarquee has 3 types of messages, as shown in the figure below.

  1. iMarquee allows you to program a (single) Priority Message along with a condition (such as Bit is set, a register is beyond a value or outside a range, etc). iMarquee would continuously monitor the programmed variable, and display this message when the condition is met. No other message is displayed when priority message is displayed, so this is used for only critical messages.
  2. The second types of messages are Machine/Process Status & alarm messages. Like the priority message, user needs to program message display conditions. You can program any number of such messages. If multiple messages need to be displayed, iMarquee would cycle through these messages.
  3. The normal messages are programmed along with a message number, and which of the programmed message needs be displayed is controlled by the PLC. Only for this type of message, you will have to provide logic in the PLC. The Priority and Status/Alarm messages DO NOT NEED to do anything with the PLC program, only its tag contents.

Import tag database from PLC

With EZ Intelligent Marquee Software, you can automatically import your tag database via .CSV or Excel format. Once the tags are in the software, you then assign a distinct message for each event (bits) and values (registers).

Alarm/Message database

EZ Intelligent Marquees offer a sophisticated alarm system. You can monitor events (bits) and values (registers). The values can then be monitored for a variety of conditions (=, >, <, in/out of range). The alarms can be selectively displayed, printed and / or logged in a alarm database. Practically an unlimited # of messages can be stored inside the marquee itself!