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Step 1: Creating or Opening a Pack File
Upon launching the EZPackager application, you will see a screen similar to this.

Select to create a new pack file, or to open an existing pack file.

Click Browse under "Specify Pack File" to select the path and file name where you want your final "packaged" file to be located.

(You must always select a path for the new file to be created, or the path of where an existing file resides, before clicking continue)
Step 2: Choosing what to put in your Pack File
The top portion of the second window basically recaps what you previously did, showing the path where the file resides or will be created, and the name of the file.

The next step is to set the path for the folder where all the drivers reside. This is a necessary step, as EZPackager automatically chooses the appropriate driver from this folder when you Add an Item.

You will then click "Add/Edit Item" to add a project and associated files.
Step 3: Selecting the Project and Associated Files
The Add Item dialog box will appear, asking you to name the item. We are updating the operator interface of Machine 1.

In "Include Project", click Browse. Select the project file (.ezt) that you want to package. It will automatically select the appropriate driver.

You also have the option to include a firmware update, if the project you are including requires it. Click browse and select the firmware file, if applicable.

Click Add to include the project and associated files, if applicable.

(If you are only adding one item, then click Close. Otherwise, you may continue adding more items/projects in the package)
Step 4: Review and Pack
After adding your item, you will see it included in the list of projects.

Once you are satisfied with what you are packaging, click "Pack".

You should see this window appear.

You will now find the zip "packaged" file in the location where your Pack File Path indicates.

This zipped file can now be sent to the OEM/SI customer.


Step 1: Customer Extracts Zip File

Here is an example of what the customer will see after extracting the packaged zip file.

The EZPackager, when creating the zip file, includes an EZPanelUpdater.exe file. This executable file is what the OEM/SI customer will use to update their machine's operator interface.
Step 2: Customer Updates Project
After launching the EZPanel Updater program, they will go through 3 simple steps, as shown to the right.

After selecting the COM port used to connect to the panel, they will select the project which will be used for that machine. In this case, there is only one.

Once they select the project, they can click "Update". It will send the new project to the panel.

(If you have provided a necessary firmware update associated with the project, a firmware dialog box will appear after clicking Update, notifying the customer that the firmware will be replaced. They simply click OK or Cancel)
Step 3: Happy Customers!
This utility has just allowed you, the OEM or SI, to save time and frustration gathering all the necessary files together to implement a application update for your customer's machine.

This utility also gives the customers comfort in knowing that it requires very little knowledge to update the operator interface application, as it is simple and relatively foolproof, so they will be more apt to buy/continue to buy your machines!