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24 Digital In; 8 Digital Out; 8 Relay Out; 4 Analog In/Out (Voltage) - DC Power (48 I/O System)

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Feature Description
Base EZPLCM-D-F24-8-8R-4AI4AOV $289 D0-06-DR-D $272
Inputs 24 DC Inputs 20 DC Inputs
Outputs 8 DC Out, 8 Relay out, 10A/point 16 DC Outputs, 2A/point
Analog Input 4 Analog Input Not included (add module cost)
Analog Output 4 Analog Output Not included (add module cost)
Additional I/O to make the
Not required D08-CDD1 (4In,4Out) $64
F0-04AD-2 (4 Analog In (V)) $120
F0-04DAH-2 (4 Analog Out (V)) $140
Memory 64 KB, practically unlimited 6 KB
Programming Software Yes, Common for all EZPLCs - $69 DC-DSOFT5 - $395
Scan Time 3 ms Including Overhead 2 ms excluding overhead
Data/Program Storage/Battery
Both Stored in Flash,
No Battery
Program in Flash, Need memory
module for data storage $55
Visual Indicator Yes, LED Indicators No
Real Time Clock No But available thru EZTouch Yes with $55 Memory Module
Total Price: $338 $991