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All New EZRack PLC Designer Pro

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EZRack PLC Designer Pro Software version 2.2 (January 2019):

  • Added EtherNet/IP Scanner, Explicit Message (Server and Client) functionality
  • Improvements to navigation and useability, includes new tables for instructions, search and tag cross reference
  • Added MQTT TLS and certificate support. Also made password lengths longer

EZRack PLC Designer Pro Software version 2.1 (January 2018):

  • Connectivity to Inductive Automation's Ignition Sparkplug B
  • Firmware Upgrade over USB, Micro-USB and Ethernet Port is now supported
  • Changing datatype of auto created IO tags is now supported
  • Auto creation of logic connection lines (rung lines) is supported. Now allows users to use double left click or Alt-L / Shft-L to enter line creation mode
  • Insert Above / Insert Below option for rungs

EZRack PLC Designer Pro Software version 2.0.0 (October 2017):

  • Auto Tag Name Addressing Feature added (auto addresses both IO and internal memory types, and user can still select starting address. No more memory mapping required!
  • Ethernet I/P Adapter (Implicit I/O addressing for Remote I/O and PLC to PLC communications)
  • New I/O Modules Added: 16-bit Analog Voltage, 16-bit Analog Current, Combo Modules (6DI, 4DO, 2 Analog In, 2 Analog Out), 8 DC Outputs High Current (3 Amps/pt)
  • Improved setup for High Speed Counter module (EZRPL-IO-HSCNT)
  • Addition of Filters to Tag Database
  • Improved performance of the MQTT protocol (speed and reliability)
  • Official Name Change from EZLogix to EZRack PLC

EZRack Designer Pro Software version 1.1.5 (July 2017):

With version 1.1.5, three new I/O Modules listed below have been added

  • 4-Channel RTD Input, Input RTD types: Pt100, JPT100, Cu10, Cu25, 120Ni
  • 4-channel Thermocouple Input Module, 16-bit resolution, input thermocouple type(s): J, E, K, R, S, T, B, N
  • High Speed Counter Input (2-Channel), High Speed Digital / PLS Outputs (4Pts) Module