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EZSeries Textpanel Feature Comparisons to Other Text panels
Sl No. Features EZAutomation
EZSeries Textpanel
Automation Direct
C-More Micro
1. Number of Models Thumbs Up7 Models Thumbs Down2 (with Touch & without Touch) Models
2. Communication Drivers Thumbs UpAromat Mewtocol COM, EZPLC, Allen-Bradley DF1 (PLC-5, SLC 5/03/04/05, MicroLogix 1000, 1200 and 1500), Allen-Bradley DH485, Control Technology Corp. (CTC) - CTC2600, 2700 and 5100 (CTC Binary), Idec Computer Link, Modicon MODBUS RTU, Yaskawa, Parker-Hannifan, Baldor, GE Fanuc SNPX (90/30, 90/70), All Mitsubishi FX Series (direct, multidrop), Omron Host Link (C200 and C500), Siemens S7 MPI Adapter series PLCs (S7 300/400), DirectLOGIC PLCs, Texas Instruments - TI5x5 Series, TI505, TI545-1102, TI545-1104 (Transparent Byte Protocol or Non-Intelligent Terminal Protocol) Thumbs DownDirect Logic K-Sequence, Direct Logic DirectNet, Direct Logic Modbus, Modbus RTU
3. Multiple Panel Communication Capability Thumbs UpYes, through EZ Multidrop Thumbs DownNO
4. Multi-color Annunciator LED Lamps Thumbs Up3 on EZ-220P & EZ-220PV models, visible to 100 ft. Thumbs DownNo, only background color for entire screen can change
5. No. of Messages / Screens

Thumbs Up256 Messages with 3 embedded variable in each message

Thumbs DownLimited by Memory
6. PLC Message LED indicator Thumbs UpYES Thumbs DownNO
7. Configuration set-up Thumbs UpVery EZ Thumbs DownYou Judge!
8. Touch screen option Thumbs DownNot available Thumbs UpYes for $50 adder
9. Standard Display Thumbs Up2 Line 20 Character LCD, 25% bigger than single line of C-more micro text characters , visible to 3 ft. Thumbs Down128x64 pixel LCD with some graphics, visible to 3 ft.
10. Standard Display Viweing angle Thumbs UpViewing angle 45 degrees, better than C-more Micro. See video for side by side comparison. Thumbs Downnarrow viewing angle of appx. 30 degrees, you have to be right on top of display
11. Display Options Thumbs UpHigh bright, high class blue fluorescent dispaly: readable to 10 ft., readable outdoors, great viewing angle of 60 degrees, for $100 adder Thumbs DownNot available
12. Depth of the Panel Thumbs Up1.157" without removable power connector Thumbs Down2.297" including power adaptor
13. Numeric Keypad Thumbs UpAvailable in EZ-220PV & EZ-220P Thumbs DownOptional
14. Function Keys Thumbs Up5 Programmable function keys Thumbs Down5
15. Built - In Power Supply Thumbs UpYES Thumbs DownNo (External Module, Not required for DirectLogic PLCs)
16. Ratings Thumbs UpNEMA4, 4X Thumbs UpNEMA 4, 4X
17. Agency Approvals Thumbs UpUL, cUL, CE Thumbs UpUL, cUL, CE
18. Programming Software Thumbs Up$28 Thumbs Up$25 for CD, Free from website
19. Programming Cable Thumbs Up$20 Thumbs Down$35
  Price Thumbs Up$229 (EZ220P, 2 Line 20 Char. LCD, Numeric Keypad, 3 Tri-color LED Annunciators)

Thumbs Down$267
(EA1-S3ML-N - $139
EA-MG-BZ2 - $79
EA-MG-SP1 - $49)