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<strong>EZSeries Text</strong>panels<strong>EZSeries Text</strong>panel

EZ Textpanel with DH485 Ideal Replacement for Obsolete AB Dataliners

An Incredible Value Proposition

Text Panel Features Models Connectivity Documentation
  • Nema 4,4x (indoor) front
  • Five user defined pushbuttons with LED Indicators
  • Vaccum fluorescent display option for 2 line character display for greater visibility and wide viewing angle
  • Built-in menu system with adjusting arrows
  • Data scrolling
  • Data setpoint and display
  • Dynamic decimal point option with read/write messages
  • Vast array of PLC drivers including DH-485
  • Extremely thin profile, 1.154" depth
  • Same cutout dimensions as OP-1000 and OP-600 series Optimate panels
  • PLC message indicator LED tells the operator that the PLC triggered a message
  • 256 programmable messages with up to 2 embedded read only data points and 1 read/write data point per message
  • EZ to use $28 programming software

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Excellent quality, low-cost

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Text Panel
Have purchased several textpanels on multiple orders and always work great. Highly recommended company

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