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Paradigm Shift in PLCs

This integrated PLC is a revolutionary design in PLCs that is causing a paradigm shift in PLCs. It is an advanced PLC which will normally be classified as a high end PLC by our competitors. It certainly is more powerful than the SLC500 series from Allen-Bradley, more powerful than the DL205 series from Automationdirect and more powerful than the Premium Series from Schneider, but at the price of their Pico or Nano PLCs.

This is a High-end PLC because it is expandable from 8 I/O points to 2000 I/O points, 32-64 being local, it has a large 64K byte memory for program and data storage, it has 8192 registers, it can handle 8192 variables, it has 32 bit floating point math, it has 8 autotuned PID loops, it has world class modular and plug-in I/O, it has great communication capabilities to interlink with Profibus, DeviceNet and Modbus Networks. In fact the EZ TextPLC can act as a Master or Slave under software control on both Modbus RTU as well as Modbus TCP/IP. On top of all this is blazing fast. It sports 3 ms scantime for 1000 NO instructions including all overhead, and respond to an external interrupt in less than 40µs.

In addition to all these high-end features, the EZ TextPLC is introducing a number of new revolutionary concepts. it has an incredibly easy programming software featuring Drag-n-Drop as well as our Patent Pending Free Flow Ladder Logic. It is also extremely light weight in construction, yet it has the reliability of an extremely rugged PLC used for military and defence applications. It has gone through HALT/HASS testing subjecting it to 10g of shock and 10°C temperature gradient simultaneously.

In EZ TextPLC, we have the motherboard with built-in CPU, power supply as well as communication modules. The I/O modules are compact little cubes in 24 different varieties designed to give you the highest level of functionality in the smallest space and at a price which is 1/5th to 1/10th of competition. Instead of the traditional edge connectors that allows the I/O modules to be mounted vertically into the PLC rack, this Patent Pending new design mounts on to the motherboard in a horizontal plane allowing latest advances in SMT manufacturing technology to produce extremely cost effective PLC I/O and can be seen from our prices.

Bright Vaccum Fluorescent Display

EZ-220V-PLC and EZ-220PV-PLC are built with Vacuum Fluorescent Displays instead of the regular LCD. These Integrated units have 32 Local I/Os and 48 Local I/Os respectively on the back of the Operator Interface. VFD provides greater visibility and wider viewing angle of ±60 degrees. . EZ-220V-PLC and EZ-220PV-PLC costs $372 and $442 respectively.

Even though VFD is not viewable under direct sunlight, these VFD based EZSeries TextPLCs can be used in out door environment because of the NEMA 4 rating of these HMIs. LCD based text panels simply wash out in an outdoor setting.

Dual Processor, Dual Power Supply, Highly Reliable System

EZSeries TextPLC has dual processors. One of them is for the user friendy operator interface and the other for the Micro Modular PLC. Where as, most of the manufacturers offer a single processor for both PLC and Textpanel which will inevitably reduce the performance of the system, EZSeries TextPLC has one 32 bit 40 Mhz coldfire processor for PLC and a seperate processor for Text panel. This powerful CPU of PLC and seperate processor for Text panel increase the performance of the system.

Most of the competitors provode a single power supply for both PLC and Operator Interface which makes their system less reliable. On the other hand, EZSeries TextPLC has a seperate power supply for both HMI (Text Panel) and PLC. If there is a failure in the power supply of the Text Panel, PLC will remain functional.

Unique High Bright Programmable Annunciator Lamps Save Costs

The Annunciator lamps on EZ-220P-PLC and EZ-220PV-PLC models are visible from a distance of more than 20 feet. Most of the Text panels / operator interfaces in the industry including C-More Micro do not have these unique Annunciator lamps. C-More Micro and other text panel manufacurers typically need external annunciator lamps which costs additional money for not only lamps but also wiring which could be approximately $50 for each (including Labor and hardware). EZ-220P-PLC and EZ-220PV-PLC has 3 annunciator lamps, each of which can be programmed for 3 different colors (Red, Yellow and Green).

A small example can illustrate the importance of annunciator lamps. If we need to show the temperature status of three sections of an oven, the unique Annunciator lamps can be configured each for 3 different colors, Red for Temperature Too high, Yellow for Temperature in Caution zone and Green for Temperature OK. Thus by configuring this on the Text panel the user can save at least $150 or more by not having to provide external lamps and wiring. Even though C-More Micro has the capability of switching background colors, it can not display three colors simultaneously.

The Annunciator lamps are configured similar to pushbuttons. Once you have selected the starting address in the PLC, all of the lamp colors will be identified by the bit pairs. The color that the lamp illuminates depends on the bit assignment of the address selected.

For example, if bit 0 is OFF and bit 1 is ON, the first lamp is Green. If bit 2 is ON and bit 3 is ON, the lamp is Yellow. If bit 4 is ON and bit 5 is OFF, the third lamp will be RED. The color code chart below, which is shown in our programming software, indicates which color would be shown based on the bit values.


Every EZSeries TextPLC is shipped with printable label sheets along with Microsoft Word template for customizing Annunciator lights. Installing EZSeries TextPLC Enhanced software will give you access to “EZSeries TextPLC_Enhanced_Inserts.DOC” in EZSeries TextPLC Enhanced Panel directory. Use this word document to print your desired labels for annunciator lights on the label sheets provided. Cut the label sheet to the right size using the trim marks provided and follow the instructions.

EZSeries TextPLC is one heck of a PLC with built-in Operator Interface. Truly a paradigm shift in Micro Automation Controllers.