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Head to Head Comparison with Ametek/NCC and AutomationDirect Multi-Function Timers

Feature EZAutomation
EZ Timer
Automation Direct
KT Series
Part Number EZ-TM4-466 TMM-0999M-466 KT-V4S-D
Operational Format Thumbs UpYes, Program with Push button and Display Thumbs DownProgram with 5 position retary switch Thumbs UpYes, Programmable
Number of Digits Thumbs Up3 Digit LED Display Thumbs Down3 Digit indicator Thumbs Up4 Digit LED Display
Time Range Thumbs Up0.01s-999 hrs Thumbs Down0.05s-999 min Thumbs Up0.001s-999 hr
Timer Precision Thumbs Up0.1% or ±20 ms Thumbs Up±0.1% or ±0.02s Thumbs Up0.013% or ±15ms
Output Thumbs UpRelay DPDT/SPDT 7A resistive Load Thumbs UpRelay DPDT 10A resistive Load Thumbs DownRelay DPDT/SPDT 2A resistive Load
Temperature Thumbs Up-20-60°C (-4 to 140°F) Thumbs Down-23 - 55°C (-9.4 to 122°F) Thumbs Down-10 - 50°C (14 to 122°F)
Size Thumbs Up1.79x2.41x2.88”
(12.42 cubic inch)
Thumbs Up1.75x2.4x2.9”
(12.18 cubic inch)
Thumbs Down1.89x1.89x3.94”
(14.07 cubic inch)
Price Thumbs Up$79 Thumbs Down$93.24 Thumbs Down$100

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Time on delay 12VDC 8-pin DPDT
Feature EZAutomation
T1K Series
Automation Direct
ST Series
Part Number EZ-T1K-466 T1K-00030-466 KT-V4S-C-D
Time Range 0.01s-999hrs
adjustable range
model dependent
adjustable range
Display 3-Digit
RED LED Display
3-Digit Indicator 4-Digit
RED LED Display
Price Thumbs Up$59 Thumbs Down$61.29 Thumbs Down$100