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Programming Software Library

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EZTouch / EZTouh I/O / EZSoftHMI Demo Programming Software

EZTouch Editor programming software is a universal software for programming the EZTouch, EZTouch I/O, and EZSoftHMI (runtime HMI for PC) products. Easy-to-use Windows-based menus and toolbars lead you through building a project. Run-time (online) editing makes debugging fast. Included in this new version (Previous version was EZPanelEdit V.6.2), EZAutomation has updated the AVG symbol library, offers dual protocol / driver support, scripting / expressions for HMI, more PLC drivers and much more. A list of all the updates can be seen in this link. Note: this demo software is limited to development of up to 2 screens, and cannot communicate with or download a project to EZ Panels.

EZRack PLC Designer Pro Software (Note: Free Full version Software, not a demo)

EZRack PLC Designer Pro software for programming the EZRack PLC. Easy-to-use Windows-based menus, tree structured collapsible toolbars lead you through building a project. Built-in Simulator allows you to see you rprogram functionality without having the hardware. Host of communication driver support, scripting / expressions and much more.
Note: this is Full version software no activation key required.

EZPLC Demo Programming Software

EZPLC Editor has Windows type Folder organization for Quick EZ Search just like RSLogix and other high end programming software that costs thousands of dollars. The EZPLC Editor has a structured programming software. You do not have to scroll through literally hundreds of rungs to find your I/O mapping, subroutines or interrupts.

EZMarquee String Generator Software

Most PLCs have a fairly simple mechanism to generate an ASCII string, but we made it even EZier. You can use our EZMarquee String Generator to configure EZMarquee, preview messages and generate ASCII strings which can be simply copied and pasted into the PLC ladder logic.

EZ iMarquee Programming Software (Note: Free Full version Software, not a Demo)

Now with EZ iMarquee import tag database directly from PLC, Store and Display user programmed messages, Math Logic/Scripting, Command String Viewer for PLC ladder Logic, Built-in Message Simulator, Built-in Alarm and Message Database, Store and trigger practically unlimited messages in Marquee Software.. etc.

EZRemote I/O Demo Software

EZRemoteIO system allows you to use low cost EZIO modules with any controllers that support one of the following communication networks:
• Ethernet I/P(AB DF1)
• Ethernet I/P (Control/CompactLogix)
• Modbus RTU
• Modbus TCP/IP
• DeviceNet
• Profibus

The EZRemoteIO system consists of a base and a variety of plug-in modules. The I/O bases are available with 4, 6, 8 or 12 module capacities. A variety of digital, analog and specialty modules are available for use with these bases.

uWin SCADA Demo Software

Based on AVG Automation’s incredibly easy to use software packages, the uWinSS is no different. uWinSS Simple SCADA software is designed to put simple, robust and easy to SCADA control at your finger tips at a very low cost. Whether a simple Human Machine Interface (HMI) application, or a complex and demanding data acquisition and reporting mechanism, uWinSS can be adapted to your needs and requirements.