Low Cost Full Size OEM Model, Fully American 2 Serial, 1 USB, Ethernet (No USB Datalogging or Hardware drivers)
10.4” HMI Full Size at $899

Saves more than $410 or 31% over comparable C-More EA9-T10CL

List of Innovative Features

  • Patented HMI on-line edit, No downtime
  • EZ mini Wifi to program/edit HMI without cable
  • On-Screen Recipe Edit.
  • “C level” scripting and logic expressions.
  • EZiest Program Software, design time in hrs not days.
  • IP protection for qualified customers.
  • Full Project simulation on your PC.
  • Dual PLC Drivers with automatic tag conversion.
  • Fastest touch response time of any HMI.
  • Best looking objects and animation with 65K colors.
    and the list goes on...


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