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X Infrastructure Bill: "Build America, Buy American"

American infrastructure should NOT be built with products imported from China.

“We are happy to note that our country is finally waking up to the existential threat to our economy and national security because of almost virtual dependence on products made in China. Congress is close to passing the $1.2 Billion Infrastructure Bill with bi-partisan support. It has a “Build America, Buy American” provision that mandates “Made in America” products to build and upgrade the infrastructure such as airports, roads, railroads, ports, power grids, water infrastructure, bridges, parks, broadband, electric vehicles and charging stations, and environmental remediation.”
AVG / EZAutomation products are proudly designed and manufactured in U.S.A.
*Please note our prices have changed as of 11/8/2021.
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Message from EZAutomation team:

Dear EZAutomation Valued Customer,

EZTouch HMI was launched in February of 2001 through AutomationDirect. It was a radically new concept with screen design so simple that even your CEO could design a new screen for the first time in 10 minutes. It was a smashing success. EZAutomation was launched in Jan of 2005 in response to AutomationDirect's sudden decision to bring out C-More, made in China, by it's parent company Koyo. C-More was a drop-in replacement for EZTouch that was able to convert the EZTouch program in the click of a button.

Since that time EZAutomation has introduced dozens of new products with one common theme:
These products include:
  • HMIs
  • PLCs with world's smallest Cube I/O modules
  • TouchPLCs (new concept)
  • Intelligent Marquees
  • Digital Power Supplies
  • Inductive Proxes
  • Multi-function digital Time Delay Relays
  • LED message Display
  • Remote I/Os for all PLC protocols & Networks
  • Soft HMIs & SCADA
  • Panel PCs
  • Sunlight Readabe products

Over the past 14 years, new products had mushroomed like wild flowers making our website too cumbersome. Our new website is an attempt to streamline it's content, product selection and their key features, along with System Configurators particularly for PLCs and TouchPLCs that would make, we hope, the design of an automation system using EZAutomation products, a lot EZier.

This was a massive task. There are most likely some mistakes for which we apologize ahead of time. Please point those out and if you have any other feedback, please write to website@ezautomation.net

** Note: We have introduced 17 extremely innovative new products in just the last 4 months. Some datasheets might be missing but be assured that we have all the relevant information in detail in the "Features & Benefits" of each product. In any event, you are most welcome to call our Tech Support / Application Engineering department at 1-877-774-3279.

Thank you,
EZAutomation Team