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Benefits of buying made in America Automation products

1. Stable Prices, No Supply Chain Issues, No Tariffs
2. Better Product Features 3. Faster Deliveries
4. Local FREE Tech/ Application Support Practically 24/7
5. Made in America means Innovation & Innovation: TouchPLCs, Detachable Display, MiniTouchPLC, EZ iMarquee, EZ Power Supply

Support American Economy, American Jobs & American Families

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Exceptionally Innovative
Made in America
Exceptionally Innovative
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Most Innovative Solutions at Great Prices

New/Trending Products

Visible to 100 feet.

Pays for itself in < 1 month.

The EZPM is a pre-programmed Tri-Color LED message display along with a PLC with real time clock and datalogging capability. All you have to do is enter simple parameters like shift hours and rate per hour and the EZPM does the rest. It communicates with your laptop over wifi.

It also has patent pending smart logic to minimize tampering with the monitor and provide the most accurate information on plant productivity and quality.

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A new revolutionary concept.

Detachable display and touchscreen

Replace/Upgrade Touch Screen and Display in less than 2 min., no re-wiring, no program reload.

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An Engineering Marvel for just $349

3.5” or 6” TFT, 12 DI, 8 DO, 4 of 5 Amp 1 form C RLY, 2 AI, 1 AO + 250 KHz Quadrature Encoder Input, all in a 5.06 x 4.08 x 1.5 inch package for the 3.5 inch display.

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4", 7", 8", 10", 12" and 15"

 EZ5 Beats even the price of CM5 C-More, Made in China, by as much as 20%

High-end 15" graphical HMI for just $1299, at the lowest cost in the market and still Made in America.

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 With LED Display for Voltage and Load Curent

This compact DIN Mounted Industrial Power Supply, 24 VDC up to 240W, is a great tool for maintenance personnel in a manufacturing plant. The load current display is a tremendous help to troubleshoot DC loads such as solenoids, valves, fans, PLCs and other electronic loads.

Every single user of our EZ Power Supply falls in love with the LED display.

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 Sunlight Readable Model Just Got Brighter

EZ Automation just invented a Super Bright Tri-Color LED with brightness of 12,000 NITs .

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 Our Most Advanced EZTouch HMI: EZ3EE

Fully Loaded, 2 Serial, Ethernet, 2 USB, microSD Full Feature Human Machine Interface (HMI). Costs Less Than EA9 & EA7 C-more, Made in China.

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 Super Intelligent Marquee that requires no PLC programming

The EZiMarquee has all the intelligence of an HMI built in. In Fact, it has the EZTouch microprocessor board inside. This allows the EZiMarquee to simply monitor tags in the network and display programmed messages. Each tag is monitored just like in an HMI.

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