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Made in America

Benefits of buying made in America Automation products

1. Stable Prices, No Supply Chain Issues, No Tariffs
2. Better Product Features 3. Faster Deliveries
4. Local FREE Tech/ Application Support Practically 24/7
5. Made in America means Innovation & Innovation: TouchPLCs, Detachable Display, MiniTouchPLC, EZ iMarquee, EZ Power Supply

Support American Economy, American Jobs & American Families

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Ordering Information

Pricing Policy
Ordering Online
Ordering Online in U.S. & Canada
Ordering Online Outside the U.S. & Canada
Online Pricing
Online Processing
Order Acceptance Policy and Security Interest
Order Processing
Purchase Orders
Changes to Orders
Receiving Shipments

Pricing Policy
No Discounts
EZAutomation is bringing to you innovative products with high reliability at prices well below half that of our competitors. We request you to please honor our pricing policy of “No Discounts”. Our price is the same whether you buy one unit or thousands. Our customer service representatives will politely decline to have any conversation with respect to price discounts. We will offer from time to time “B” stock in “Like New” condition, but that would be through our official release/declaration from EZAutomation.

Ordering Online in U.S & Canada Ordering Online
Placing orders online is quick and easy and allows you to check the status and shipments of orders placed. Ordering online also offers you the benefit of being able to view your purchase history and other account activities. EZAutomation strives to keep our web site up-to-date and to keep our customers aware of new products that are coming out on a regular basis. Our website features a full range of our products and accessories. Actual ordering of these products takes place through our secure online store, which you can go to any time by clicking on 'Online Store' at the top of every page. We further encourage online ordering by offering you free UPS ground shipping within the continental United States on most items of $300 or more.

Ordering Online in U.S & Canada
New customers who want to establish credit with EZAutomation must call and obtain a customer account number before ordering via the web. Once an account is established, we welcome all customers to place orders via our website for direct shipment. If you have forgotten your login information, call Customer Service for assistance. Customers must supply a valid U.S. or Canadian billing and shipping address, email address, and phone number for an order to be accepted. Payment is only accepted in US currency.

Orders are processed and shipped from our facility located in Bettendorf, Iowa. Customers in Canada are fully responsible for country taxes and duties incurred on a shipment. All orders, billing, or shipping activities should be directed to the following address: 4140 Utica Ridge Road Bettendorf, IA 52722

Ordering Online Outside the U.S & Canada

If you are outside the U.S. or Canada, you can place an order from our online store. If you pay by credit card, your order will be processed in the normal manner. If you wish to establish credit, your order will be forwarded to the international distributor closest to you. This may be within your country or a nearby country. The distributor will contact you about your order, pricing, terms and conditions. We forward or respond to all international orders, but we cannot accept any responsibility for orders placed through our distributors.

Online Pricing
Our on-line pricing is reflected using U.S. dollars and is the only currency that our company will trade in. We strive to ensure that our on-line pricing is in agreement with our printed desk references but if you happen to notice a pricing discrepancy please notify us immediately and we will honor the most recent price posted. Please note that the terms and conditions listed in the printed desk references supersede all direct or implied terms on the store front of our web site.

Online Processing
Once you complete your on-line order it is automatically entered into our system. We will send an alert to your email address confirming that we have received your order. We ship all orders on the day the order is entered if it is received before 7:15 p.m. CST on a normal business day. You can find same-day shipping deadlines, carrier options and shipping charges information on the shipping/payment information page.

Order Acceptance Policy and Security Interest
EZAutomation’s standard terms and conditions govern the transaction of accepting your PO and shipping the products pursuant to the PO. This applies to all POs whether by phone, fax, mail or online. If your PO or any other correspondence lists any terms different than ours, we may process the order but not accept your terms. We also reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time prior to shipment of your order. Your acceptance of the shipment of goods from EZAutomation confirms your acceptance of our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are clearly spelled out in this catalog and shall govern all transactions relating to EZAutomation products. You may inquire about our existing terms and conditions at any time. EZAutomation also maintains a Security Interest in all goods shipped but not paid. We reserve the right to repossess any of our products either at your facility or shipped to your end customer, if we have not been fully paid for these products in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Order Processing
We encourage existing customers to place orders on-line using your respective account numbers. If you are a new customer, please contact Customer Service and they will assign you an account number. On-line orders are processed as soon as they are received into the business system pending no credit or shipping issues. If you prefer to mail or fax your orders, it is our goal to input all orders the same day that they are received. Any orders that we receive over the weekend or on a holiday will be entered into our system the next operating business day. Please note: It is our policy to verify all orders from new customers.

Purchase Orders
It is not EZAutomation’s policy to require the confirmation of telephone purchase orders. If your company prefers to confirm their purchase orders; we recommend that the label plainly states that the order is a confirmation of a purchase order. Your cooperation will help to eliminate unnecessary duplicate order entries. Only EZAutomation terms and Conditions will apply.

Unless otherwise indicated, all prices and charges exclude excise, sales, value added, use, property, or like taxes that may be imposed by any taxing authority upon the manufacture, sale, or delivery of items sold by EZ Automation.

Changes to Orders
Due to our pledge that offers same day shipping and same day order processing; any changes that need to be made on an order that you have placed must be made before the actual order is entered into our system. Because of our quick order processing times, there is not much time for an order to be changed. Once our customer service representatives enter the order into the system; the order can not be changed. It is highly recommended that you review your orders and ask any pertinent questions you may have before submitting the final purchase order due to the limited time span available for changes.

Receiving Shipments
We encourage all deliveries to be inspected promptly upon arrival. If it comes to your attention that there are any shortages or discrepancies, it is imperative that you notify us within 48 hours of receipt.

Phone Orders
1-877-774-EASY (3279)

Our goal is to assist you in placing your order in the most pleasant, sensible and efficient way possible...the EZAutomation way! Our customer service representatives enjoy speaking with our customers and are dedicated to providing fast and friendly service. In the rare occasion that we cannot answer your call right away, please wait for the next available representative.

Fax Orders
1-877-775-EASY (3279)

Our fax machines are available 24 hours a day. If you place an order over a weekend or on a national holiday, your order will be processed the following business day. All of our standard terms and conditions will still apply to your order. Our goal is to be able to enter all faxed orders the same day they are received. Once we enter your order into our system we will fax or email you a confirmation of your order.

When placing a fax order, download the order form and fax to us for EZ ordering:

EZAutomation Order Form

Mail Orders

4140 Utica Ridge Road
Bettendorf, IA 52722

If you wish to place an order with our company by mail please fill out your company's order form and drop it off at a mailbox or post office near you. Ordering through VAR (Value Added Reseller)

We are quite selective about hiring VARs to provide you Local support. We train them and certify them. We expect a very high degree of service from them on order processing and deliveries. However, if you feel more comfortable dealing directly with the factory, please do so. Our technical support is available to all EZ Family products irrespective of where you bought the product.