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HMI / Operator Interfaces

Innovative Unique Features

  • Patented HMI on-line edit, No downtime
  • Only HMI that can still talk to AB’s DH+/RIO, Modbus+, CCLink, Modbus TCP/IP & RTU, Profibus, DeviceNet, Ethernet I/P, Siemens ISO over TCP/IP, GE SRTP, EZ Protocols.
  • 400 NITs, 75K Hrs @ 55°C on most models
  • EZ 7 Series, No cutouts, easily change displays, No rewiring.
  • Best looking objects and animation with 65K colors.
  • EZ Sunlight readable models for 6” & 10” models.
  • Most Rugged 0.090” thick anti-glare touch screen.
  • Fastest touch response time of any HMI.
  • Unicode for multiple languages.
  • Easiest Programming Software, design time in hrs not days.
  • Full Project simulation on your PC. Custom start-up screen.
  • “C level” scripting and logic expressions.
  • Data-logging, Recipes, Emails, USBs. Free Chart recorder.
  • Most advanced Alarm management and logging.
  • All EZTouch HMIs have real time access to process data stored inside the HMI or the USB drive and the micro SD using AVG File Manager utility.
  • All EZTouch HMIs in a plant or multiple of plants have the capacity to be monitored using EZPlantview software.
  • On-Line Recipe Edit.
  • Every model Fully Loaded, No “R” Reduced Features models.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control, Smart phones & Ethernet.
  • Communicate to all PLCs, including DH+ & Ethernet IP.
  • Dual PLC Drivers with automatic tag conversion.
  • Lowest cost, powerful Soft HMI for any Windows based PC.
  • Mfr. cost reduction & IP protection for qualified customers.
  • Unique Visibility tag for best screen space utilization.
  • Pass-through programming for all PLCs.

9 Categories to choose from

EZ3 The Workhorse

EZ3 Touch HMI/Operator Interface

EZ12 Sleek and Slim, No DH+

EZ12 Touch HMI/Operator Interface

EZ7 Detachable Display Marvel

EZ7 Touch HMI/Operator Interface

EZ Original DH+/RIO capable

EZTouch Original HMI/Operator Interface

EZ9 Most cost Effective 10”

EZ9 Touch HMI/Operator Interface

EZ Windows HMI

EZ9 Touch HMI/Operator Interface

EZ Touch Panelview Replacements

EZ9 Touch HMI/Operator Interface

EZ Touch Sun-light Readable

EZ9 Touch HMI/Operator Interface

EZ Touch Soft HMI

EZ9 Touch HMI/Operator Interface