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Exceptionally Innovative
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HMI / Operator Interfaces

Innovative Unique Features

  • Patented HMI on-line edit, No downtime
  • Only HMI that can still talk to AB’s DH+/RIO, Modbus+, CCLink, Modbus TCP/IP & RTU, Profibus, DeviceNet, Ethernet I/P, Siemens ISO over TCP/IP, GE SRTP, EZ Protocols.
  • 400 NITs, 75K Hrs @ 55°C on most models
  • EZ 7 Series, No cutouts, easily change displays, No rewiring.
  • Best looking objects and animation with 65K colors.
  • EZ Sunlight readable models for 6” & 10” models.
  • Most Rugged 0.090” thick anti-glare touch screen.
  • Fastest touch response time of any HMI.
  • Unicode for multiple languages.
  • Easiest Programming Software, design time in hrs not days.
  • Full Project simulation on your PC. Custom start-up screen.
  • “C level” scripting and logic expressions.
  • Data-logging, Recipes, Emails, USBs. Free Chart recorder.
  • Most advanced Alarm management and logging.
  • All EZTouch HMIs have real time access to process data stored inside the HMI or the USB drive and the micro SD using AVG File Manager utility.
  • All EZTouch HMIs in a plant or multiple of plants have the capacity to be monitored using EZPlantview software.
  • On-Line Recipe Edit.
  • Every model Fully Loaded, No “R” Reduced Features models.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control, Smart phones & Ethernet.
  • Communicate to all PLCs, including DH+ & Ethernet IP.
  • Dual PLC Drivers with automatic tag conversion.
  • Lowest cost, powerful Soft HMI for any Windows based PC.
  • Mfr. cost reduction & IP protection for qualified customers.
  • Unique Visibility tag for best screen space utilization.
  • Pass-through programming for all PLCs.

9 HMI Categories to choose from

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EZ3 The Workhorse

HMI screen touch panel
HMI screen touch panel

EZ12 Sleek and Slim, No DH+

Sleek Slim HMI panel
Sleek Slim HMI panel

EZ7 Detachable Display Marvel

HMI panel with detachable screen
HMI panel with detachable screen

EZ Original DH+/RIO capable

HMI for panelview replacement
HMI for panelview replacement

EZ9 Most cost Effective 10”

Low cost HMI for OEMs
Low cost HMI for OEMs

EZ Windows HMI

HMI with embedded Windows
HMI with embedded Windows

EZ Touch Panelview Replacements

PanelView Replacement Touch panels
PanelView Replacement Touch panels

EZ Touch Sun-light Readable

sunlight readable HMI screens
sunlight readable HMI screens

EZ Touch Soft HMI

run-time hmi software
run-time hmi software