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Exceptionally Innovative
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Incredibly Compact, Powerful, Flexible World Class PLC I/O that is Sensibly Priced

Innovative Unique Features

  • 8 point and 16 point DC, AC, Relay, Analog, Specialty Plug-in IO modules
  • Cube IO, Incredibly compact, 31 different mix-n-match plug-in I/O modules.
  • EZTouch.RackPLC I/O (17 modules) with patent pending design to avoid tab broken tabs.
  • Rack Mount DC Input Modules have Red/Green LEDs to indicate Sink or Source inputs.
  • All IO modules optically isolated for highest immunity to electrical noise.
  • Plug-in but secured firmly for high shock and vibration environments.
  • All DC Outputs Short Circuit Proof
  • Better, Faster, higher current ratings across the board.
  • Maintenance Friendly, Removable Plug-in Terminal Blocks
  • Status LED for each I/O in every model.

EZ Plug-in IO Modules

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EZ Cube 8 Pt. Plug-in I/O Modules, Most popular, over 500,000 in operation


EZ Cube I/O
EZ Cube I/O


EZ Rack 16 Pt. Plug-in I/O Modules



EZ Rack I/O
EZ Rack I/O