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Exceptionally Innovative
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Programmable Logic Controllers

Innovative Unique Features

  • Highest Processing power per cubic inch.
  • Fastest Processing Time. 40µs screw-to-screw
  • Highest Reliability and Noise Immunity in industry.
  • Incredibly condensed, 48 different combo and Specialty plug-in I/O modules.
  • Easiest Drag-n-Drop programming software for $69
  • Advanced functionalities, PID, Math, High Speed counters.
  • EZPLC Jr.: Lowest cost 32 I/O Modular PLC starting with a base price of just $99.
  • EZPLC Nano: Lowest cost high end PLC starting at $119 for 24 rugged I/O.
  • EZPLC Micro: Best PLC for Bench mark IO of 24 DCI, 8 DCO, 8 RLO, 4 ANI, 4 ANO.
  • 1/2 to 1/3rd the cost of even Automationdirect PLCs. New standard for 2 to 1 pricing.
  • IIOT ready EZRackPLC with MQTT for data-logging & Ethernet IP Scanner
  • Most advanced Programming Software of EZRackPLC with Project Simulation and Debug.
  • EZRackPLC I/O with patent pending design to avoid broken tabs.
  • Communications galore, Devicenet, Profibus, DH+, Ethernets.
  • Modular Expandable to 2048 I/O, Fixed up to 256 I/O.
  • Status LED for each I/O in every model.
  • USBs for local data-logging.

5 PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) Categories

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EZPLC Modular Workhorse, up to 2048 I/O

EZPLC Modular
EZPLC Modular
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EZPLC Jr. Most Popular Modular PLC 32 I/O



EZPLC Jr. Modular
EZPLC Jr. Modular
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Golden Standard 48 Fixed I/O Micro PLC



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Fixed 24 I/O High-end Nano PLC



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EZRackPLC Modular up to 112 I/O



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