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#1 U.S. Supplier of LED message displays since 1985 to Monitor & Display important messages, and improve Plant Productivity.
ROI 6 wks.

Innovative Unique Features

  • Widest variety of Marquees/LED message displays: 1 line 10 characters to 4 line 40 characters, Red or Tri-color, Indoors & Outdoors, Sunight readable models, Intelligent marquee models to monitor PLC network tags including EtherNet/IP and DH+.
  • Red or Tri-color Visible up to 400 ft away, 2” to 8” Characters
  • Internal storage of 200 messages. PLC can communicate on EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus, DeviceNet, EZ Protocol, Modbus RTU
  • 1/3rd the cost
  • 1/3rd the weight
  • 1/3rd the Power
  • 60°C operation, as compared to 35°C from others
  • High-bright sunlight readable models
  • NEMA 12 (Indoor) & NEMA 4X Outdoor models
  • Unifrom brightness over life
  • 100K+ Hours life
  • Scrolling, Blinking & Stationary Messages
  • Mixed character heights on same line for better utilization & readability
  • Free string generator software
  • International character set
  • The Only LED Message display that can connect to any PLC Network as a Nodal device, Monitor tags & Display messages.
  • EZ to add to any PLC/Network No change in PLC program whatsoever!
  • Import tag database from PLC
  • 8000 NITS, Readable in direct sunlight
  • 8000 NITS, Readable in direct sunlight, outdoor mountable

Industrial LED Marquee Message Displays

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EZMarquee Indoor NEMA12


EZMarquee Indoor NEMA 12
EZMarquee Indoor NEMA 12
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EZMarquee Outdoor NEMA 4/4X



EZMarquee Indoor NEMA4/4X
EZMarquee Indoor NEMA4/4X


EZMarquee High bright Sunlight Readable NEMA12 or 4X


EZMarquee Sunlight Readable
EZMarquee Sunlight Readable


EZiMarquee Intelligent NEMA12