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CAD Drawings

Due to increased demand, we are now posting CAD drawings (.dwg files) and supporting PDF files for our EZAutomation product lines, in zip format.

EZSeries Touchpanel Drawings:
4" EZSeries Touchpanel
6" EZSeries Touchpanel
7" EZSeries Touchpanel
8" EZSeries Touchpanel
10" EZSeries Touchpanel
15" EZSeries Touchpanel

EZRack PLC Drawings:
EZRack PLC 3, 5 and 7 Bases

EZPLC Drawings:
4 Module Base
6 Module Base
8 Module Base
12 Module Base

EZSeries TextPLC Drawings:
4 Module Base PLC
6 Module Base PLC

EZ3TouchPLC Drawings:
6" Panel with 4 Module Base PLC
8" Panel with 8 Module Base PLC
10" Panel with 8 Module Base PLC

EZ7 TouchPLC Drawings:
7" with 4 Module Base and 8", 10, 12" with 8 Module Base Detachable PLC
7", 8", 10 and 12" Micro and Nano Detachable PLC

EZ7 TouchRackPLC Drawings:
7" with 3 Module Base Detachable PLC
8" with 5 Module Base Detachable PLC
10" and 12" with 7 Module Base Detachable PLC

EZ12 TouchRackPLC Drawings:
7" Panel with 3 Module Base PLC
8" Panel with 5 Module Base PLC
10" Panel with 7 Module Base PLC

EZ Cube I/O and Rack I/O Drawing:
Cube I/O Module
Rack I/O Module

Low Power Panel - PC Dimensions

EZPPS Power Supply 3D (.IGS):
EZPPS-30W, 60W, 90W
EZPPS-120W, 240W

EZTimer 3D (.IGS):

EZWiFi Module Drawing:
EZ Wifi

More coming soon...

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Customer Support
Phone: 1-877-774-EASY
Fax: 1-877-775-EASY

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