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Overview of AVG

EZAutomation Offices and Production Building

American Pride in Manufacturing

AVG is a mini-conglomerate of American companies established in 1975. Its headquarters are in Carol Stream, IL. Research, Development and Manufacturing are done at our plants in Illinois and 150 miles west of Chicago in Bettendorf, Iowa. We were born in the automotive plants in Michigan.

AVG is probably one of the most vertically-integrated companies in the entire industry. Our goal is to design and manufacture state-of-the-art, cost-effective, electronic products. As a vertically-integrated company, we not only manufacture the end products, but also the nuts and bolts that go into these products. We manufacture high tech printed circuit boards, thick film hybrids and even manufacture some of the chips that go into these products.

We have some of the most automated Surface Mount and Box-build production lines. These allow us to compete with China by designing for manufacturability with extremely innovative designs, maximizing machine time while minimizing labor.

AVG has an installed base of over a billion dollars in Fortune 500 companies such as Ford, Toyota, Honda, Kimberly Clark, IBM, Nestle, Kraft, P&G, and Abbott Laboratories. We pride ourselves on being a Research and Development company. We currently hold 20+ patents and more than 15 other patents pending. In fact, Shalli Kumar, the founder of this company invented PLS in 1975. Autotech PLS is essentially a very high-speed PLC that can solve 20,000 set points in 55 microseconds. The technology is utilized in the controls of the gates of the White House.

Our products have a reputation for being “BUILT LIKE A TANK.” We were early adopters of a procedure known as HALT/HASS or Highly Accelerated Life Testing and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening. These procedures were originally developed by HP for testing instrumentation for use on space shuttles. That’s why we say our products are Space Age Quality!

Since we do everything from design to manufacturing in our plants in Carol Stream and Bettendorf, we control the hardware, firmware, and software, all under one roof. Our vertical integration makes us unique in the industry allowing us to rapidly respond to our customers specific needs. For example, we developed our unique RMC or Remote Monitoring and Control technology in less than 4 months after our customer advisory council suggested its need. Similarly, we developed our 4” touchpanels in less than 3 months.

EZAutomation was launched in 2005. Since then, EZAutomation products have been sold to more than 15,000 companies worldwide. The EZTouch panel has been recognized by six major magazines as the “highest value PLC touch panel.” Most EZAutomation products are shipped the same day you order the products, even up to 7:00 PM Chicago time. We have Free technical support from 6:00 AM to midnight and emergency support on the weekends. These products are support world-wide through our extensive network of EZAutomation franchises in all continents.

Significant Highlights and Core Competencies...

  • Established in 1975, AVG has introduced more than 1000 innovative new products
  • Extensive hardware, firmware, & software design capability, in Illinois & Iowa
  • Holds 20+ patents and 15 new ones pending
  • Has an installed base of over $1 Billion in fortune 500 companies such as Ford, GM, P&G, Abbot, Miller, & IBM
  • PCB fabrication
  • Thick Film Hybrids
  • One of the largest semi-conductor FABs
  • Known for EZAuotmation's "Innovation by Design" and "Highest Immunity to Electrical Noise"
  • Known for “EZAutomation Tough,” High Reliability, HALT-HASSed Products, designed to operate in harsh industrial environments
  • In the fore-front of High Technology such as BGA and controlled impedance high density board products
  • 2 EMS plants for complete turn key assembly and box build
  • AVG Automation division of AVG is marketed under Uticor, Autotech and EZAutomation brands and trade names

All research, development and manufacturing for EZAutomation is done at our plant in Bettendorf, IA.

Phone: 877-774-EASY (3279)
Fax: 877-775-EASY (3279)

4140 Utica Ridge Road
Bettendorf, IA 52722