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EZ12 is the Sleek & Slim Human Machine Interface (HMI) with EZMount that eliminates the need for any DIN clips or studs!

22 Exceptionally Innovative Unique Features, Made in America Sold Factory direct. Lasts twice as long: NEMA 4X, 400 nits, 75KHrs@55°C

List of Innovative Features

  • No studs, no DIN clips, Patent pending built-in EZmount
    Patented HMI on-line edit, No downtime
  • Upload HMI program from USB without software/cable
  • Best looking objects and animation with 65K colors.
  • On-Screen Recipe Edit.
  • Every model Fully Loaded, No “R” Reduced models.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control, Smart phones & Ethernet.
  • Communicate to all PLCs, & EtherNet/IP.
  • Dual PLC Drivers with automatic tag conversion.
  • Manufacture cost reduction & IP protection for qualified customers.
  • Full Project simulation on your PC. Custom start-up screen.
  • “C level” scripting and logic expressions.
    and the list goes on...