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RackPLC CPU Option

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RackPLC Accessories

The First & Only HMI w. Detachable Front & Modular RackPLC I/O. Seamless Software. 10” Display & 112 of Rack I/O’s. Can Connect to DH+, 6 USB, 4 Serial, 1 Micro SD, Fanless NEMA 4/4X. Ethernet I/P, Seimens ISO, GE SRTP, Modbus TCP/IP.

30+ Exceptionally Innovative Unique Features. Lasts twice as long: NEMA 4X, 400 nits, 75KHrs@55°C

List of Innovative Features

  • All-in-One fully modular PLC & HMI up to 112 I/O
  • Highest, Fastest Processing power per cubic inch.
  • Top class Data-logging on local USB drives
  • Easiest Integrated HMI and PLC Drag-n-Drop PLC programming software, common to all models, just $149
  • Advanced functionalities, PID, Math, High Speed counters, PWM, even in Fastest Processing time
  • Status LED for each I/O in every model.
  • Patented HMI on-line edit, No downtime
  • At least 50% savings over Unitronics & Maple HMI + PLC, and C-more/Do-more products
  • Built-in EtherNet/IP Scanner, IIoT ready with MQTT for massive data logging... and the list goes on ...