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*Please note our prices have changed as of 11/8/2021.
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Exceptionally Innovative
Made in America
Exceptionally Innovative
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Starter Kits

The first & only detachable HMI &
fully modular PLC

Choice of 7", 8", 10", 12" displays
& up to 112 of Rack mount I/O
with 30+ different functionality, digital, analog, counter & speciality plug-in
I/O modules

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HMI in EZ7TouchRackPLC
All have Ethernet,2 Serial,
2 USB, Micro SD, Email, FTP

All with 23 exceptionally innovative features like online-edit, dual drivers, EZ wifi, remote monitor & control, upload program without computer, alarms, datalogging, recipes, project simulation ...

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PLCs in EZ7TouchRackPLC

EZRackPLC: Up to 7, 16 I/O modules IIoT & EThernet I/P scanner allows EZ7TouchRackPLC to control the entire I/P network. High-end software features

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I/Os in EZ7TouchRackPLC

Great selection of 17 I/O modules
extremely compact, high performance,
mix-n-match, combo, AC/DC, AC/RLY,
counter, analog and many more

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Great for complete EtherNet/IP

Built-in Ethernet/IP Scanner allows
this TouchPLC to control the entire
network with Encoders, Drives,
Standalone Process Controllers etc.

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Patented HMI on-line edit,
No Machine Shutdown
No downtime!

Today you don’t accept a PLC that does not have “On-Line” Edit. Why compromise on HMI? Why allow productivity loss because you want to make a small change on your screen?

Only EZTouch has Patented On-Line Edit, No down-time!

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Every model allows wi-fi
connection to laptop
without any wire

Trying to find the right programming cable, opening up the control panel to plug-into the right connector on your HMI many times located at hard to reach places, is a hassel. EZ wifi at a very nominal cost of $49 avoids all that. Just bring your laptop to within 50 ft. of the HMI and you can program it over EZ wifi.

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EZ Soft Remote Software
on a PC on your desk.

Monitor & Control your EZTouch
based HMI over Internet, Intranet
or Modem from any where in
the world

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Remote Monitoring and Control
using Smart phones & Laptop

Now you can remotely monitor & control the EZTouchPLC from half way across the world you can either use the smart phone/tablet app or EZRMC app on your laptop

Enjoy direct access from anywhere.

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