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Made in America

Benefits of buying made in America Automation products

1. Stable Prices, No Supply Chain Issues, No Tariffs
2. Better Product Features 3. Faster Deliveries
4. Local FREE Tech/ Application Support Practically 24/7
5. Made in America means Innovation & Innovation: TouchPLCs, Detachable Display, MiniTouchPLC, EZ iMarquee, EZ Power Supply

Support American Economy, American Jobs & American Families

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Great Prices

FactoryDirect @ Great Prices

Have you ever wondered how EZAutomation can design and build products in America and effectively compete with Chinese imports? Here are two reasons for that:

  1. We design our products to be manufactured with significant automation right here in the US. We strongly believe in Design for Manufacturability (DFM).
  2. We sell Factory Direct saving you over 50% typical mark-up by the importer of the Chinese goods.

Hence, EZAutomation provides you Exceptionally Innovative Automation Products, Made in America, Top Quality, and sold FactoryDirect @ Great Prices.