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EZ Power Supply Starter Kit

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24V Power Supply,24V DC Power Supply

A Different kind of Industrial Power Supply in a compact 2” wide form, DIN mount with Digital Display & Alerts.

24 VDC, up to 10 Amps (20 Amps coming shortly)

12 Exceptionally Innovative and Unique Features. DIN mount extremely compact with voltage/current/life span display & alarms

List of Innovative Features

  • Displays Current output
  • Displays Voltage output
  • Allows voltage output to be adjusted
  • Programmable current limit
  • Monitors life of capacitors and provides an alarm
  • Short circuit proof
  • Over voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Extremely compact: 240W
  • Output regulation 1%
  • Ripple <100mV
  • Great for analog circuitry, Quiet: no interference

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