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Exceptionally Innovative
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Innovative Unique Features

  • A Different kind of Power Supply, 24 VDC, up to 10 Amps (20 Amps coming shortly) in a compact 2” wide DIN mount with Digital Display & Alerts.
  • Displays Output current
  • Displays Voltage output
  • Great new tool for troubleshooting 24 VDC power connections/loads
  • Allows voltage output to be adjusted
  • Programmable current limit
  • Monitors life of capacitors and provides an alarm
  • Short circuit proof
  • Over voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • 20ms hold over time after input power loss
  • Extremely compact: 240W
  • Output regulation 1%
  • Ripple <100mV
  • Great for analog circuitry, Quiet: no interference

EZPower Supply Features & Benefits

A New Frontier in Industrial Switching Power Supplies

EZPowerSupply is no ordinary Power Supply. Tens of thousands of engineers have bought this product. In fact there is not a single engineer who does not fall in love with this EZPowerSupply when you hold it in your hands.

There is a reason for it...
Any senior/experienced engineer knows how challenging it is to pre-calculate the current draw from Power Supply. You are lucky if you can predict it within ±20% under all conditions. With the digital display of EZPowerSupply, no more guessing is needed. Its right there in front of your eyes.

A Great Maintenance Feature and Diagnostic Tool

Control systems are more and more shifting to 24 VDC power. It is not uncommon to have more than 40 loads on this power supply: HMI, PLC, Drive controller, Sensors of all kinds, actuators, valves and it is ever expanding. When the main power was 110 VAC, it was easier to manage this power. We had fuses everywhere. Load can be measured with looping current meters. 24 VDC has changed all that. When the maintenance engineer is faced with the problem of the 24 VDC power shutting down at random intervals, say once a week, how do you troubleshoot? You will have to bring out a voltmeter and a DC Ammeter, diconnect wires one by one and measure the current to a particular load to find the culprit. With the digital current readout of the EZPowerSupply, you just got a friend! You will now be able to quickly and easily learn which valve is overloading or if you just need a bigger power supply.

NO need to carry a voltmeter and an Ammeter!

Extremely Compact

This DIN mount Power Supply is just 1.82" wide (5.7" x 3.3" x 1.82" for 240W) and you can hold it in your hand. It can deliver up to 240 Watt (24 VDC @ 10 Amps) and it will soon be able to deliver 24 VDC @ 20 Amps in the same size. It is UL approved. It is an Engineering Marvel.

Displays Output Current

This is the most important display in the EZPowerSupply. You always know what the total load is and it is easy to measure the current consumption of any load or branch by simply disconnecting the device and subtracting the difference. You quickly know where the overdraw is and whether it was just overlooked or a real fault in the system.

Displays Voltage

Shows how the Power Supply is doing by displaying voltage it is putting out under No load, partial load or full load.

Voltage Adjustment

EZPowerSupply has an voltage adjustment potentiometer to adjust the voltage from 23 VDC to 27 VDC

Programming Current Limit

EZPowerSupply allows you to set the maximum current to be drawn. This is done through the two program buttons and the 5 digit display. Once the current is exceeded the Power Supply gives an alarm through a digital output.

Life Monitor

All Power Supplies, particularly switch mode SMPS have a life limited by its Electrolytic Capacitors. EZPower Supply monitors the operation of the power supply in hours and gives you a warning before the capacitors reach the end of their lives, preventing it from suddenly dropping out with no warning.

Short Circuit Protection

EZPowerSupply has a short circuit proof feature. It will shut down if there is a short on it output and recover only when the short is removed.

Over Temperature Protection

EZPowerSupply monitors its temperature and shuts down if it gets too hot.

Over Voltage Protection

If the incoming voltage to the EZPowerSupply exceeds its normal AC Power, it has an internal circuit to protect against it and shut down.

Great Electrical Characteristic

EZPowerSupply has a 1% output current regulation, <100mV ripple and is great for Analog circuiting it powers or in its vicinity due to its low radio frequency interference generated by SMPS.