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EZPLC Jr Starter Kit

Power Requirement

For a complete PLC system with I/O, check out our Configurator

PLC Accessories

Least Expensive option for Modular PLC, up to 32 I/O (soon to become 64)

Everything else same as EZPLC except no Real-time clock

21 Exceptionally Innovative Features, not found anywhere else in this category. Cube I/O, 8 12 bit Analog 2”x2”x1” cube, Incredibly Flexible

List of Innovative Features

  • Most compact Highest Processing power per cubic inch.
  • Selection of 31 plug-in mix-n-match Cube I/O modules.
  • Easiest Drag-n-Drop programming software, bar none!
  • Extremely efficient free flow logic cuts down number of rungs at least by two
  • High-end functionality of 55 powerful instructions
  • 32 bit floating point math and logic
  • 8 PID loops and unique PID monitor
  • Status LED for each I/O next to each terminal
  • Removable plug-in terminal blocks
    and the list goes on...


Checkout our EZPLC Jr. Starter Kit for New Applications   EZPLC Jr. Starter Kit Option