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EZAutomation (EZPLC Jr.) vs AutomationDirect (Click)

Click from AutomationDirect is manufactured in China whose price is invariably going to increase due to tarrifs. It is constantly going up and you will be well advised to take in to account this uncertainity of price and/or availabilty at all.

Feature EZAutomation
EZPLC Jr. with 32 I/O - $325
Click with 32 I/O - $374
Model EZPLC Jr. 4 module base, 16 DCI, 8 DCO, 4 AI, and 4 AO, Expandable to 2048 I/O.
**Note: You may Click on our configurator for any other system configuration.
16 DCI, 8 DCO, 4 AI, and 4 AO
General description Full fledged advanced PLC Not really a PLC, it is a Smart Relay
Runtime Edit Yes No
Plug-in I/O modules 8 pt. Cube I/O (16 coming soon) 8 & 16 pt. I/O
PLC Functionality High End, 55 Instructions, Advance Function Blocks, Advanced Math Capable. Only 21 Instructions, Primitive PLC not ladder logic
PID Loops 8 Auto tuned PID loops No
Program Time in minutes EZiest Drag 'N' Drop Programming software, no class required Primitive
Free Flow Logic that cuts down number of rungs by atleast 50% Yes No
Short Circuit Protection on digital outputs Digital Outputs are Short Circuit Protected Digital Outputs are NOT Short Circuit Protected
High Speed Counter 100KHz High Speed Counter with 100 µs PLS Output Available No
31 different mix "n" match I/O modules Yes Not available
Highest processing speed, 40 µs response to interrupt, screw-to-screw Yes Not available
Highest Processing power per cubic inch. 4 Analog In, 4 Analog Out 12-bit in 2x2x1" cube At least 50% bigger
Highest Reliability and Noise Immunity in industry. Yes No
32 bit Floating point Math and Logic Yes No
Drum Sequencer, and send to marquee instruction Yes No
Advanced instructions: Data convert, move block, bit move, strings and subroutines Yes No
Modular Expandable to 2048 I/O Yes, 2048 256
Status LED for each I/O in every model and Plug-in Terminal Blocks, for EZiest troubleshooting & maintenance. Yes Yes
Real time clock and battery No Yes with extra cost
Custom Cube I/O Modules for qualified customers in 4 weeks Yes No
Load project using OEM packager. No software required. OEM Packager. No need of software to transfer program to PLC. Feature Not available
Flash memory module to back up PLC project Yes No
Password protection for OEM/SI investment Yes No
Quality Testing of each unit shipped Mini HASS, temperature shock and vibration for each unit shipped No
24 Hour Burn Room Each Unit Shipped No
Made in America to create and sustain American jobs Made in America, Free of Tariffs No