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*Please note our prices have changed as of 11/8/2021.
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Exceptionally Innovative
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Starter Kits

Lowest Cost Modular PLC
with Revolutionary Cube I/O
32 I/O w. 8 12-bit Analog
for just $330!

8 Analog 12 Bit I/O in a 2x2x1 EZPLC I/O module with plug-in Terminal Block
10 Microsecond response time for DC outputs, 100 times faster than 1 ms for ADC
100 KHz counter input with PLS output in ⟨100 microsecond 31 different mix-match combination I/O modules for incredible flexibility

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EZPLC Jr. with famous 31 different
Cube I/O modules
Note: EZPLC Jr. has only 4 I/O module slots. Also it does not have Ethernet,
Profibus, DeviceNet connections and uses EZTouch HMI real time clock
as timing reference

Incrediby compact 8 point (soon to be 16) mix-n-match Cube I/O modules with combinations of DC In, DC Out, AC In, AC Out, Relay Out , Analog In, Analog Out, High Speed Counters, Thermocouple, RTD and PWM.

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Drag-n-Drop Software.
Free flow logic to cut-down
number of rungs.

Programming software is extremely powerful yet simple. It is intuitive, and has already been used by tens of thousands of engineers without ever attending a class. Buy a Starter Kit with Programming Software almost free, and experience it yourself.

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