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Benefits of buying made in America Automation products

1. Stable Prices, No Supply Chain Issues, No Tariffs
2. Better Product Features 3. Faster Deliveries
4. Local FREE Tech/ Application Support Practically 24/7
5. Made in America means Innovation & Innovation: TouchPLCs, Detachable Display, MiniTouchPLC, EZ iMarquee, EZ Power Supply

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Bettendorf, Iowa / Carol Stream, Illinois

Six biggest players in Automation Control trade media recently conducted a survey respresenting over 600,000 automation engineers in the United States. The poll revealed a strong desire for them to specify and use Made in America Automation Products. On the average over 70% indicated that they would choose Made in America HMIs and PLCs over those made in China even if the made in America cost 10% more. It is apparent that finally America has woken up to the existential threat posed by made in China.

This section features thought provoking articles on Made in America and confront the China threat.

Why Made in America should be a top priority of every American?

By Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar, Founder and Chairman, May 28, 2024


You want to know why Made in America is important. Here is a historic quote: “Anyone who has seen the auto factories in Detroit and the oil fields in Texas knows that Japan lacks the national power for a naval race with America…it’s Industrial base makes America invincible!” Guess who said this, Admiral Yamamoto, the most celebrated commander in the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces. Yamamoto said this during second world war. Can you say the same thing today?
During the eighties and nineties, these two Illinois townships had thousands of small manufacturing plants, eight to ten plants in every city block. Electronics, Mechanical, Pneumatic, machine screws, printed circuit boards, medical electronics, telecomm, sheet metal, paint shops, machining, packaging and countless others. But today, practically all are gone…they are in China.
Imagine what Reagan-Gorbachev 1986 summit at Reykjavik, Iceland would have looked like if USSR at that time was China of today.

China took away 2.9 million manufacturing jobs, 8.7 million support jobs for a total of 11.6 million American jobs. Imports increased to $536 billion in 2022 and will continue to increase until Americans wake up to this existential threat.
Adjusted for inflation the starting salary of an engineering college graduate decreased from $54,304 in year 2000 to $47,823 in 2014.
I have no doubt that China is engaged in spying on American factories, the very same factories and oil fields Admiral Yamamoto talked about. This should be a major concern to all who love America, yet who use Made in China Automation products.
Factory Direct

Benefits of using Made in America Automation Products that may not be readily Apparent!

By Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar, Founder and Chairman, May 28, 2024


With EZAutomation, you not only get stable and tariff free prices, you get Made in America products that cost less than Made in China. EZTouch EZ3-EE HMIs cost less than EA9 C-more from Automationdirect, EZTouch EZ5 HMIs cost less than CM5 from Automationdirect, and EZTouchPLCs cost less than their PLCs
Products that shine in American Innovation: America became a great industrial power on the back of its innovation that runs through the blood of so many Americans. Manufacturers sitting thousands of miles away can copy American products but cannot come out with new innovative features.
EZAutomation Product Customizer: Having all its design and manufacturing operations in Bettendorf, Iowa, EZAutomation prides itself with a very quick response to product customization. If the products are manufactured in volume in China, if you want a change, particularly in hardware, it will take multiple years if the manufacturer will even entertain the idea of a customer requested change. EZAutomation has designed and manufactured a significant number of customized products, such as specialty I/O modules, even when the need is just 1000 per year, and it has done these within 3 months from concept/order to pilot production. This is a unique benefit of Made in America.