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The EZAutomation EZ5 Series vs AutomationDirect

HMIs from AutomationDirect are manufactured in China and their price is invariably going to increase due to tarrifs. Their prices are constantly going up and you will be well advised to take in to account this uncertainity of price and/or availabilty at all.

Sizes EZAutomation
Automation Direct
4" EZ5-T4C-EE ($299) CM5-T4W ($340)
7" EZ5-T7C-EE ($399) CM5-T7W ($479)
8" EZ5-T8C-EE ($599) N/A
10" EZ5-T10C-EE ($699) CM5-T10W ($769)
12" EZ5-T12C-EE ($899) CM5-T12W ($1029)
15" EZ5-T15C-EE ($1,299) CM5-T15W ($1,609)

Features EZAutomation
Automation Direct
HMI On-line edit to change program without shutting down the HMI or the machine. Patented Online Edit  Feature Not Available
LED back lighting 400 NITS, 75K Hrs @ 55°C  310 NITS, 50K Hrs @ 25°C
Touch screen Rugged 0.090" thick anti-glare touchscreen Flimsy Touchscreen 
Logic expressions to save PLC code Scripting / Expressions  No Scripting / Expressions 
Program/Edit HMI screens from 50 ft away without a programming cable EZ-WiFi Programming  Not Available
Program Time in minutes Eziest Programming software, no class required  Not so good
Visibilty tag on each object to conserve display space Yes No
Remotely monitor the Panel on any and all screens through Smart phones or Plant internet, or Intranet, or just ethernet RMC, Yes Limited
Quality Testing of each unit shipped Mini HASS, temperature shock and vibration for each unit shipped  No
24 Hour Burn Room Each unit shipped  No
Made in America to create and sustain American jobs Made in America, Free of Tariffs  Made in China, Constant threat of Tarrifs