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EZ Touch® Original: The Change Agent
Setting a New Standard for HMIs since 2001.
The most popular Operator Interface
as recognized by marketing studies done in 2005

EZTouch® original when introduced in 2001 set a new standard for all HMIs with extreme ease of programming and beautiful pre-built customizable objects in addition it had great connectivity to all hardware drivers for all major PLC manufacturers such as DH+/RI/O for AB/Rockwell, Modbus+ for Modicon/Schneider, Profibus, CCLink for Mitsubishi and DeviceNet.
Both hardware and software continued to develop since 2001.

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Patented HMI on-line edit,
No Machine Shutdown
No downtime!

Today you don’t accept a PLC that does not have “On-Line” Edit. Why compromise on HMI? Why allow productivity loss because you want to make a small change on your screen?

Only EZTouch has Patented On-Line Edit, No down-time!

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Every model allows wi-fi
connection to laptop
without any wire

Trying to find the right programming cable, opening up the control panel to plug-into the right connector on your HMI many times located at hard to reach places, is a hassel. EZ wifi at a very nominal cost of $49 avoids all that. Just bring your laptop to within 50 ft. of the HMI and you can program it over EZ wifi.

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Only HMI that can still talk
to AB’s DH+ / RIO
1 million nodes still in Operation

American control systems for over 3 decades used the DH+/RIO for communication between different control devices. Most Automation engineers refer to this connection as Blue Hose. There are still over 1 million such connections in the world, 80% in North America. EZAutomation is the only company manufacturing and supporting DH+/RIO since 1980’s.

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Only HMI that has
the Hardware PLC drivers

AB with DH+ / R I/O and DeviceNet, Modicon with Modbus+, Siemens with Profibus and Mitsubishi with CCLink

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EZ Soft Remote Software
on a PC on your desk.

Monitor & Control your EZTouch
based HMI over Internet, Intranet
or Modem from any where in
the world

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Remote Monitoring and Control,
Smart phones & Ethernet

Enjoy direct access from anywhere.

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