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EZ3TouchPLC Jr. vs AutomatioDirect (C-More + Click)

32 I/O 8 DC In, 8 DC Out, 4 AC In, 4 Relay Outputs 1 Amp, 12-bit 4 Analog In, 4 Analog Out, 7" HMI

C-more & Click from AutomationDirect are manufactured in China whose price is invariably going to increase due to tarrifs. It is constantly going up and you will be well advised to take in to account this uncertainity of price and/or availabilty at all.

Features EZAutomation
EZ3-T7C-E-PLCJ + I/O modules - $835
EA9-T7CL-R + Click PLC + PLC cable - $1000.50 with Reduced feature C-More Prices current but climbing due to tarriffs
HMI + PLC + I/O Configuration 7" Full featured EZ3 HMI + 8 DCI, 8 DCO, 4 ACI, 4 RLO (1 AMP), 4 ANI, and 4 ANO 7" EA9 + 24 DCI, 8 DCO, 8 RLO 1 Amp + PLC cable.
HMI On-line edit to change program without shutting down the HMI or the machine. This feature saves at least $2500 per HMI in just first 3 months of operations due to frequent screen changes. HMI Online Edit. Absolutely no machine downtime Feature not available on HMI or PLC
LED back lighting 400 NITS, 75K Hrs @ 55°C 310 NITS, 50K Hrs @ 25°C
PLC Functionality High End, 55 Instructions, Advance Function Blocks, Advanced Math Capable. Only 21 Instructions, Primitive PLC more like smart relay
DH+ Connectivity option Yes No
Dual PLC protocol allows EZTouchPLC to talk to another PLC/Network that also acts as a bridge between the two networks Dual PLC Protocol Feature not availabe
Real-time clock and battery Yes Yes
Touch screen Rugged 0.090" thick anti-glare touchscreen Not Specified
Edit recipe on screen without software HMI on-screen recipe edit Feature not available
No software needed to transfer Panel & PLC program OEM Packager. No need of software to transfer program to PLC. Feature not available
Logic expressions to save PLC code Scripting / Expressions Feature not available
MicroSD chart recorder Yes No
Local chart recorder in USB USB local datalogging. Transfer the logged files via file manager to any PC or Server half way across the world. Feature Not Available
Upload program through USB without software & cable Yes No
Program/Edit HMI screens from 50 ft away without a programming cable EZ-miniWifi for programming. No Programming cable required. Feature not available
EZPlantview software allows all panels in a plant to be monitored on Computer screens Remote Monitoring & Control with birds eye view of the plant, Yes No
Program Time in minutes Eziest Programming software, no class required Primitive for PLC
Visibilty tag on each object to conserve display space Yes No
Remotely monitor the Panel & PLC on any and all screens through Smart phones or Plant internet, or Intranet, or just ethernet Yes No
I/O module retention & breaking of tabs No such problems No such problems
High Speed Counter 20 KHz High Speed Counter with 100 µs PLS Output Available No
Analog I/O 12 Bit Resolution - Analog 12 Bit Resolution - Analog
Status LED for each I/O in every model and Plug-in Terminal Blocks, for EZiest troubleshooting & maintenance. Yes No
Ladder Logic Drag "n" Drop, High End, but very simplistic PLC software Primitive Ladder Logic with 21 instructions
Free Flow Logic that cuts down number of rungs by atleast 50% Yes No
DC Input Response Time for normal inputs 3 ms DC Input response time 10 ms DC Input response time
Short Circuit Proof Digital Outputs are Short Circuit protected


32 bit Floating point Math and Logic Yes No
Runtime Edit for PLC Yes No
Function blocks to make PLC programming easier Advanced Function Blocks No Function Blocks
PID Logic Auto Tuned PID's Function not available
Quality Testing of each unit shipped Mini HASS, temperature shock and vibration for each unit shipped No
24 Hour Burn Room Each unit shipped No
Made in America to create and sustain American jobs Made in America, Free of Tariffs No