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Innovative Unique Features

  • Simply Incomparable 8 Point I/O (soon to become 16 point) Most Compact, Secure & Cost-effective. 8 point Digital, 8 point 12-bit Analog
  • 8 point DC, AC, Relay, Analog, Specialty Plug-in IO modules
  • Incredibly compact, 31 different mix-n-match plug-in I/O modules
  • All IO modules optically isolated for highest immunity to electrical noise.
  • Plug-in but secured firmly for high shock and vibration environments.
  • All DC Outputs Short Circuit Proof
  • Better, Faster, higher current ratings across the board.
  • Maintenance Friendly, Removable Plug-in Terminal Blocks
  • Status LED for each I/O in every model.
  • RTD, Thermocouple, Counter & PWM modules.

Custom I/O: We design and manufacture everything in the U.S. and with lightning speed. Give us your special needs and we’ll custom design one for you in <4 weeks if quantity is right CALL 1-877-774-3279

EZPLC Cube I/O Features & Benefits

**Note: EZI/O Snap-in modules have been extremely successful and remain widely in use, therefore we have no intention of obsoleting these but for all new applications, we recommend only the screw-down modules.

8 point DC, AC, Relay, Analog, Specialty Plug-in IO modules

Our IO modules are world class and quite innovative. 8 Point Cube IO (soon to become 16 point) are used in all EZPLCs, EZTouch.PLCs, and EZRemoteIOs. These are DC Input, DC Output both Sink and Source, Relay Output modules, Analog Input, Analog Outputs (both current and voltage, 12 bit), high speed counter/PLS modules, PWM Modules, RTD and Thermocouple modules.

8 Point Cube IO: Incredibly Compact, 31 different mix-n-match plug-in I/O modules.

These extremely compact IO modules (also known as Cubes) were introduced in Jan of 2005 and now are in use by thousands of customers worldwide. 4 12 Bit Analog In and 4 12 Bit Analog out is accommodated in just a 2x2x1 cube. Also, we wanted to give the control system designers great flexibility in configuring their systems. So mixed Inputs and Outputs, AC and DC, DC and Relays, AC and Relays, DC and Analog.  In fact, we set the standard for the Industry, many followed our lead. We will continue to offer more and more modules with even greater flexibility.

All IO modules optically isolated for highest immunity to electrical noise.

All our IO modules have optical isolation to provide maximum noise immunity to the PLC, TouchPLC or Remote IO these modules are plugged into. This way the electrical disturbances outside the products, such as start and stop of big motors and other inductive loads, do not affect the operation of our products.

Plug-in but secured firmly for high shock and vibration environments.

Cube IO modules get tightly screwed onto their bases and the Rack IO modules have the patent pending mechanical design that secures the module firmly into the rack without having to lock a tab which other always breaks. These modules and systems have been tested for very high shock and vibration, called the Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) procedures employed in the testing of products used in the space programs such as space shuttle entry and reentry.

All DC Outputs Short Circuit Proof

All our DC output modules have the feature of measuring output current and limiting the current. Thus these modules have short circuit proof outputs to avoid in case of a wiring short or stuck load. The DC output shuts itself until the short is removed.

DC Modules with Interrupt capability

You could have a screw-to-screw response time of 40 micro second that is from I/O input to solve the rung and back to output terminal in less than 40 micro seconds. This is done with DC input module with 1 intput reseverd for interrupt intput you can have up to 8 interrupt signals.

PLS module with 100 micro second response time

High speed counter moudule has a response time of 100 micro second to the output terminal from the moment count reaches its pre determined value.

Better, Faster, higher current ratings across the board.

When you compare our IO modules to our competitors, our ratings are always better, voltage ratings, current ratings, temperature ratings, on-off and response time. Check the comparison section on the website.

Maintenance Friendly, Removable Plug-in Terminal Blocks, Status LED for each IO next to the Terminal

We have served the Automation industry since 1968. In fact, one of the AVG divisions, Uticor is the inventor of PLCs themselves. We have been around the block and totally understand the value of maintenance and down time in a manufacturing plant. We always make troubleshooting as convenient and EZ as possible. That is why, all our IO points have an LED right next to the output terminal and the terminal block is always Ezily removable and is a plug-in. First the maintenance person has to troubleshoot the system to pin point the problem area with the help of status LED indicators, then the suspect module can be easily replaced without touching the wires. Assuming the system has 50 IO points, if these aids were not there, it would take more than 3-4 hours to troubleshoot and fix the system. With EZ products, you can do the same in ten minutes.


Quick Insert EZ I/O Cables and High Current Relay Modules

EZLink Cables and DIN mounted plug-in and removable terminal blocks are offered for applications where bigger and/or more accessible terminal blocks are needed for wiring.

Another DIN mounted terminal block is offered with plug-in and removable connectors, LED indicators and eight 10 Amp 1 Form C Relays with common and NO and NC contacts.

EZ Link Pricing
Image Part Number Particulars
EZ-LINK-CBL Price: 29.00
Description: 3' Expansion Board Cable
Order in Store: Click here to Order EZ-LINK-CBL
EZ-LINK-EXT Price: 39.00
Description: 11-pin Extender Board
Order in Store: Click here to Order EZ-LINK-EXT
EZ-LINK-RLY Price: 89.00
Description: 8 of 10 Amp Relays 1 Form C Expansion Board
Order in Store: Click here to Order EZ-LINK-RLY