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AVG / EZAutomation products are proudly designed and manufactured in U.S.A.
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Exceptionally Innovative
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Starter Kits

Incredibly compact, 31 different
mix-n-match plug-in I/O modules.
We mix-n-match Inputs and Outputs,
AC and DC, DC and Relays, AC and
Relays etc.

We wanted to give the control system designers great flexibility in configuring their systems. So mixed Inputs and Outputs, AC and DC, DC and Relays, AC and Relays.

In fact, we set the standard for the Industry, many followed our lead.

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8 pt. Cube I/O (soon to be 16),
Incredibly compact, and Innovative.

These extremely compact IO modules which are used by thousands of customers worldwide has set the standard for the Industry, many followed our lead. 4 Ch 12 Bit Analog In and 4 Ch 12 Bit Analog out is accommodated in just a 2x2x1 cube. All I/O modules are optically isolated for highest immunity to elctrical noise.

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Maintenance Friendly,
Removable Plug-in Terminal
Blocks, Status LED for each IO
next to the Terminal

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Plug-in but secured firmly for
high shock and vibration

Cube IO modules get tightly screwed onto their bases. These modules and systems have been tested for shock and vibration, called the Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) procedures employed in the testing of products used in the space programs such as space shuttle entry and reentry.

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Specialty Plug-in IO modules
High Speed Counter/PLS modules,
PWM Modules, RTD and
Thermocouple modules.

Our IO modules are world class and quite innovative. 8 Point Cube IO (soon to become 16 point) are used in all EZPLCs, EZTouch.PLCs, and EZRemoteIOs. These are High Speed Counter with PLS output, PWM modules, RTD and Thermocouple modules.
PLS module with 100 micro second response time.

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Custom I/O: We design and
manufacture everything in the U.S.
and with lightning speed.

Give us your special needs and
we’ll custom design one for you
in <4 weeks, if quantity is right

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