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Extremely Rugged 16 point
Rack mount I/O for EZRackPLCs

Our IO modules are world class and quite innovative. 16 Point Rack mount IO modules are used in the EZRackPLC. These are DC Input, DC Output both Sink and Source, Relay Output modules, Analog Input, Analog Outputs (both current and voltage, 12 bit or 16 bit), High Speed Counter/PLS modules, RTD and Thermocouple modules.

Better, Faster, Higher current rating across board.

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Innovative Robust mechanical
design solves the tab break
problem in DL Bases

Our expert mechanical engineers were given a challenge to design plastic housings for our I/O modules that would fit inside DL 205 base, but would solve the chronic problem of their fragile tabs breaking. Done!!
We can custom design new modules at rocket speed.

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Maintenance Friendly,
Removable Plug-in Terminal Blocks,
Status LED for each IO next to
the Terminal

We have been around the block and totally understand the value of maintenance and down time in a manufacturing plant. We always make troubleshooting as convenient and EZ as possible. That is why, all our IO points have an LED right next to the output terminal and the terminal block is always Ezily removable and is a plug-in.

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Speciality I/O Modules

We have always been leaders of Innovation. Never a me-too product company. For example, we have designed a High Current 3A/pt. 24 VDC out put module, a combo module with 6 DI, 4 DO, 2 AI, 2 AO, High speed counter with PLS outputs, RTD and Thermocouple modules.

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Plug-in but secured firmly for
High Shock and Vibration

Rack IO modules have the patent pending mechanical design that secures the module firmly into the rack without having to lock a tab which other always breaks. These modules and systems have been tested for very shock and vibration, called the Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) procedures employed in the testing of products used in the space programs such as space shuttle entry and reentry.

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