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Infrastructure Bill: "Build America, Buy American"
AVG / EZAutomation products are proudly designed and manufactured in U.S.A.
*Please note our prices have changed as of 11/8/2021.
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Exceptionally Innovative
Made in America
Exceptionally Innovative
Rugged Reliable
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Starter Kits

Made in America, Direct from Factory to you with No Distributor Mark-up.

The Real "Almost Free" PLC
16 DC In/8 10 Amp, 1 Form C
High End Functionality

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1/2 to 1/3rd the cost of
even Automationdirect PLCs:

The New Standard of 2 for 1

Remember PLC Direct before it became Automationdirect. 2 PLCs for the price of one AB PLC. Here we have: Designed and Made in America PLCs, 2 or even 3 to 1 that of ADC’s DL Series, Domore series, Productivity Series, BRX, and even Click series, because we design for American manufacturing and ship factory direct to cut out the local or national distributor mark-up of 50+%.

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Simple Drag-n-Drop Ladder Logic
Programming Software

• 32 Bit Floating Point High-end Math
• Great Function blocks
• Great Debugging & Troubleshooting tools
• PLC Simulator

One of the best features of our PC is very intutive easy to learn almost free programming software. And EZRackPLC Programming software is even more enhanced with Project Simulation and Troubleshooting features.

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