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EZSoftHMI, designed and Made in America, has no competition because it's only SoftHMI that runs on any Windows 7 or Windows 10 platform that sells for under $1000. The only other SoftHMIs are available with SCADA packages which costs over $3000.

Soft HMI Features


EZSOFT-HMI: $599 (Runtime)
Development Software: $149

Unlimited number of Tags and Unlimited number of Screens Yes
HMI On-line edit to change program without shutting down the HMI or the machine. This feature saves at least $2500 per HMI in just first 3 months of operations due to frequent screen changes. Patented Online Edit
Dual PLC protocol to talk to two netwrks at the same time, to also act as a bridge between the two networks Dual PLC Protocol
Edit recipe on screen without software Onscreen Recipe Edit
No software needed to transfer PLC program OEM Packager. No need of software to transfer program to PLC.
Protocol conversion between two networks Protocol Conversion. Read and Write tags from 2 different PLC networks.
Logic expressions to save PLC code

Scripting / Expressions

Local chart recorder in USB USB local datalogging. Transfer the logged files via file manager to any PC or Server half way across the world.
Program/Edit HMI screens from 50 ft away without a programming cable EZ-WiFi Programming
EZPlantview software allows all panels in a plant to be monitored on Computer screens Yes
Program Time in minutes Eziest Programming software, no class required
Visibilty tag on each object to conserve display space Yes
MicroSD chart recorder Yes
PLC pass-through programming to allow same HMI port and cable to program the PLC Yes
Remotely monitor the Panel on any and all screens through Smart phones or Plant internet, or Intranet, or just ethernet RMC, Yes
Made in America to create and sustain American jobs Made in America, Free of Tariffs