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Exceptionally Innovative
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Innovative Unique Features

  • Tiny WiFi plugs into an RS232 port on the HMI and allows your laptop to communicate to the HMI via WiFi.
  • For just $49, it should be screwed on to the EZTouch port and left there.

EZmini WiFi Features

Programming over local WiFi up to 50 Ft away

The tiny EZminiWiFi is a god send for the plant maintenance engineers who need to make a minor modification to the HMI program or for that matter the PLC program. It plugs in to one of the RS232 serial ports on the HMI and eliminates the need to plug-in a cable to connect the panel to the laptop wifi takes over the communication. It's very easy to setup throught HMI and any laptop that has the miniWiFi's IP address can connect to it. Communication is up to 50 ft away and is password protected.

HMI panel are typically mounted in an operator console and it is hard to get to its communication ports to plug-in the programming cable. Thus EZminiWiFI is truly a god send.




Tiny EZ-miniWifi, less than 0.5" Deep, plugs into RS232 port, connects laptop to the EZTouch based HMI or EZTouchPLC from 50 ft away.
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