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Exceptionally Innovative
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Starter Kits

EZRemote CubeI/O for Better Features &
Huge dollar Savings!

• EtherNet I/P • Modbus TCP/IP • DeviceNet
• Profibus • EZ Serial & Ethernet
• No changes to Ladder Logic in RS Logix
500/Studio 5000

Extremely rugged I/O with total flexibility and 31 different functionality modules saves thousands of $$ in any control system

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Extremely Easy to Configure
Remote I/O with Automatic
address assignment

It's extremely easy to add EZRemote I/O to any existing PLC network to save cost & space, And add high functionality mix-n-match compact modules.

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CompactLogix CPU and EZRemote I/O
on EtherNet/IP is a perfect combination
to save 43-58% in cost

Great specs & features, very robust EZRemote I/O Saves $1256.20/system configuration

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