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American infrastructure should NOT be built with products imported from China.

“We are happy to note that our country is finally waking up to the existential threat to our economy and national security because of almost virtual dependence on products made in China. Congress is close to passing the $1.2 Billion Infrastructure Bill with bi-partisan support. It has a “Build America, Buy American” provision that mandates “Made in America” products to build and upgrade the infrastructure such as airports, roads, railroads, ports, power grids, water infrastructure, bridges, parks, broadband, electric vehicles and charging stations, and environmental remediation.”
AVG / EZAutomation products are proudly designed and manufactured in U.S.A.
*Please note our prices have changed as of 11/8/2021.
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Starter Kits

August 2018

EZTouch EZ12 Series

Sleek, Slim and Superior

A Stand-out Performer!

  • User level private labeling
  • EZMount - Patent pending built-in mounting system
  • Program EZ12 HMI without Software and Cable
  • Real time information at your finger tips
  • USB Data logging and Programming
  • Built-in Ethernet Programming and PLC protocols
  • Micro SD card Slot.

August 2017

EZTouch I/O Flex - New 7" High Resolution Model

Most Powerful Standalone HMI + PLC (OR) Smart HMI with I/O for existing PLC

  • 7" Color Widescreen
  • 800 x 480 pixel resolution
  • Touch HMI & PLC with Plug-in I/O modules (screw-down)
  • USB Data logging and Programming,
  • Built-in Ethernet Programming and PLC protocols
  • Micro SD card Slot.

July 2017


Rugged Rack Style High Performance PLC at Affordable Prices!


Features Include:

  • IIoT Ready with built-in MQTT Protocol
  • USB Data Logging up to 64 GB
  • Built-in Simulator in Free Software using same firmware as CPU
  • Advanced Function Blocks & Ladder Logic Programming
  • WiFi Programming & Online PLC Editing / Monitoring
  • Click Here to learn more!

April 2017

EZ iMarquee

All-in-One Master LED Message Display!


Features Include:

  • Monitor & Display Plant Productivity with No PLC Ladder Logic Change!
  • Communicate Alarm and Safety Messages with Built-in Database
  • Can be used as a Master (Host) or Slave (Client) LED Message Display
  • Import tag database from PLC

March 2017

EZTouch Editor

Version 1.0.2 | EZTouch, EZTouch I/O and EZSoft HMI Products


New Features Include:

  • EZ3 Series 7" Wide Screen Programming/Screen development
  • EZTouch I/O Jr. 6" Programming/Screen development
  • and much more....

March 2017

7" Widescreen HMI

Built-in Finger Safe Teminal Blocks - No additional covers required!


  • Widescreen HMI with More Real Estate for less money
  • Better Graphics
  • Built in PLC Protocol Conversion Feature
  • Advanced Scripting / Expressions
  • Dual-Driver PLC Support (Communicates to 2 Different PLC Drivers Simultaneously)
  • and More!

March 2017

6" EZTouch I/O Jr.

  • Compact Form Factor for 6" HMI + PLC + I/O
  • Dual Driver PLC Support so can you as Stand-alone HMI+PLC or Smart HMI with I/O that communicates with Existing PLC
  • and More!

February 2017

Wireless Module for Hassle free Connectivity

Built-in Finger Safe Teminal Blocks - No additional covers required!


  • DIP Switch Selectable Mode
    • Ad-Hoc One-to-One (AP Mode)
    • Infrastruture Network (STA Mode)
  • Security Protection: Unique SSID & Password for each module
  • 802.11 b/g/n protocols supported
  • Powered by 24VDC or 2AAA Batteries
  • Software security formats include WPA/WPA2 with encryption WEP/TKIP/AES
  • and More!

January 2017

All New EZTouch Editor

Version 1.0 | EZTouch, EZTouch I/O and EZSoft HMI Products


New Features Include:

  • PLC Protocol Conversion
  • Dual Driver Support to simultaneously interface with different PLC manufacturers (i.e. AB Ethernet I/P & Siemens ISO over TCP/IP)
  • Email and Text Alarm Messages
  • Scripting / Expressions to perform logic commands without complicated PLC ladder logic
  • New Updated AVG Symbol Factory
  • AVG File Manager - FREE Data Logging Transfer Utility
  • Additional PLC Drivers and much more....

December 2016

Most Powerful Standalone HMI + PLC (OR) Smart HMI with I/O for existing PLC.

All-in-One unit saves time, space, and money! EZTouch I/O has all the features of the famous EZTouch HMI combined with I/O that communicates directly with 95% of PLC manufacturers. It can also act as a stand alone control unit where you want to interface directly to an AC Drive or simple relay controls.

October 2015

New! Digitally Programmable Timed Delay Relay with Display with Flexible Features. Starting at $29.99!

EZ MF digital timers offer flexible features at a great price. The large, bright red LED display has a 12 mm character display height which allows it to be seen easily from a distance and at an angle. Basic function settings are made with digital switches. Detailed settings are selected with digital keys, so operation is easy.

June 2015

Lowest Cost, Full-featured Inductive Proximity Sensors in the Industry. Starting at $9.99!

EZProx is the lowest cost inductive proximity sensor with full features and then some. It has a patent pending 360° Red LED visual light ring when output is ON providing a visual indicator when a metal object has been detected. It’s extended triple sense models have the best sensing distance at the lowest prices.

March 2015

EZ Touch PLC Nano. Integrated HMI and PLC 6” TFT Touchscreen with Built-in 24 I/O PLC. Starting at $599!

EZTouchPLC Nano has a 5.7” diagonal touch screen with 320x240 pixel resolution, a white LED display with 75K hrs. bulb life. The most innovative and cost effective PLC in its class. It is comprised of 24 I/O including Counters/Timers/Relays/Sequencer. It's made of NEMA 4, FDA compliant material and a compact 4.4" (118.8mm) installed depth.

March 2015

EZ Touch PLC Micro 6" TFT Color Panels with Three Models Available. Starting at $799!

EZTouchPLC Micro has a 5.7” diagonal touch screen with 320x240 pixel resolution, a white LED display with 75K hrs bulb life. The most innovative and cost effective PLC in its class, comprised of 48 I/O including Counters/Timers/Relays/Sequencer. Big screw-down terminal blocks offer more capabilities in a smaller package.

March 2015

EZ Touch PLC Combination of the Most Powerful Touchpanel and High Performance Modular PLC. Starting at $699!

The EZ TouchPLC has a White LED display with 75K hrs bulb life. I/O modules are not included with EZ Series TouchPLC and can be purchased separately. Please refer to EZI/O section which lists all the available modules along with part number and pricing. All our touch PLC panels have a very low, slim profile a smaller footprint in enclosures, perfect for tight spaces.

November 2014

EZ Power Supply. The First DIN-Mount Programmable Industrial Power Supply with Built-in Display/Diagnostics. Starting at $59.99!

The EZ SmartPower is a DC switching power supply with 24V output Voltage. This user friendly power supply has two 7-segment LED displays for voltage and current monitoring. This DC power supply is ideal for industrial applications. The EZ PPS is DIN rail mountable and was Plant Engineering's 2015 Product of the Year Finalist.

June 2014

The EZ3 Series HMI in 6”, 8” and 10” models. Over 65K colors, EZ connectivity to all PLCs, and more. Starting at $499!

The latest in along line of high preforming and easy programming HMIs, the EZ3 Series is both convenient and fast to use. In addition, the EZ3 Series provides several enhancements over its predecessors including additional communication ports, higher resolution, a standard MicroSD slot, and built in remote monitoring and control features.

June 2014

EZ RMC™ Remote HMI is an application designed for your mobile devices on both iOS and Android. $4.99!

Monitor and control of your EZTouch HMIs. Enjoy direct access to your EZTouch HMI from anywhere using your phone or tablet. The EZ RMC™ Remote HMI is available on both the iTunes App Store as well as the Google Play store. Works with selected HMI’s or using our runtime EZ-SOFT HMI software running on a compatible PC.

June 2014

Next Gen Precision Industrial Shaft Encoders. Incremental and Absolute - Medium and Heavy Duty. Starting at $79!

EZ Encoder is an industrial grade encoder with some of the best environmental ratings, yet at drastically reduced cost. We have acomplished this task by an extremely innovative design using injection moulded Tough Engineered shatter-proof plastic parts and SMT technology. Besides low cost we are introducing All-in-One models in which you can program the count resolution and the output code with 2 simple buttons and an LED display, replacing as many as 1728 models with just one.

June 2014

Soft HMI Ideal for PCs, Run-time Software for Your Computer. Only $495!

EZSoft HMI is more than just a Soft HMI, it is almost like SCADA. We made an easy to use, simple operator interface that will save you a lot of engineering hours and design time due to its simplicity and ease of use. You don’t need prior programming knowledge to design a screen. You do not need to attend any classes to learn how to program EZSoft HMI. It is Intuitive, it is Simple!

Uticor Industrial Panel PCs

October 2013

Uticor Industrial Panel PCs Available in 3 Sizes with TFT Display and LED Backlight

The Panels utilize a 3.5” industrial CPU Board with an Atom D2550 Processor and are completely fanless. 4 GB system memory and a 60GB SSD drive are included along with two LAN Ports, 4 USB Port,s 2 COM Ports take care of the external communications and more. Stainless steel front bezel, NEMA 4/4x.


October 2013

Truly Simple PC-based Control & Data Acquisition. The uWinSS is easilly adaptable to your needs and requirements.

uWinSS Simple SCADA Software is designed to put simple, robust and easy to use SCADA control at your finger tips at a very low cost. Fulfills the need for a simple Human Machine Interface (HMI) application or a complex and demanding data acquisition and reporting mechanism.