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AVG / EZAutomation products are proudly designed and manufactured in U.S.A.
*Please note our prices have changed as of 11/8/2021.
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Exceptionally Innovative
Made in America
Exceptionally Innovative
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Starter Kits

High Performance, Most Rugged
Rack Mount Modular PLC.
Up to 112 I/O

3 bases for 3, 5 and 7 I/O modules 16 pt. each wide variety of high performance mix-n-match 17 I/O modules

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Simple Drag-n-Drop Ladder Logic
Programming Software for FREE

• 32 Bit Floating Point High-end Math
• Great Function blocks
• Great Debugging & Troubleshooting tools
• PLC Simulator

One of the best features of our PC is very intutive easy to learn almost free programming software. And EZRackPLC Programming software is even more enhanced with Project Simulation and Troubleshooting features.

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Innovative Robust mechanical
design solves the tab break
problem in DL Bases

Our expert mechanical engineers were given a challenge to design plastic housings for our I/O modules that would fit inside DL 205 base, but would solve the chronic problem of their fragile tabs breaking. Done!!
We can custom design new modules at rocket speed.

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IIOT ready EZRackPLC
with MQTT for massive

With MQTT protocol the EZRackPLC allows massive amount of Data to be logged to an external server at convenient intervals of time best suitable for the server.

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EZRack PLC EtherNet/IP
Scanner allows it to be
a Master Controller for
the whole system

EtherNet/IP scanner capability of the EZRackPLC allows it to receive and send data to any devices with EtherNet/IP Connectivity, such as AC drives, encoders, valves, temperature and humidity control systems, etc.

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