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Exceptionally Innovative
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Innovative Unique Features

  • The Indestructible PLC Built like a rock.
  • Highest Reliability and Noise Immunity in industry. Watch the video and have fun!
  • 2 EZRackPLC for the cost of 1 Automationdirect Do-More PLC.
  • IIOT ready EZRackPLC with MQTT for data-logging
  • EZRackPLC can be configured as EtherNet/IP Scanner or an EtherNet/IP adapter.
  • EtherNet/IP with both Implicit and Explicit I/O messaging
  • MQTT with Ignition Sparkplug B protocol
  • Incredibly condensed, 17 different combo plug-in I/O modules.
  • Free Easiest Drag-n-Drop programming software
  • Advanced functionalities, PID, Math, High Speed counters.
  • Password Protection for OEM/SI investment
  • Program Upload through USB flash drive.
  • Status LED for each I/O in every model.
  • USB port for local data-logging.
  • For specifications and features of 17 Rack I/O modules go to I/O module section

EZRackPLC Industrial Modular Rack PLC Features:

Highest Reliability and Noise Immunity in industry.

EZRackPLC has been designed to meet the HALT/HASS standards that are used for electronic products used in the space program for shuttle launch, which means high shock and vibration along with thermal shock. In addition the EZRackPLC has a very high immunity to noise.

EZRackPLC is truly an Indestructible PLC.

Watch the EZRackPLC Video, see it grilled, shocked and exposed to high temperature and electrical noise from welding guns, without missing a beat.

Easiest Drag-n-Drop FREE programming software with Advanced math, PID, and Function blocks

Programming software is extremely powerful yet simple. It is intuitive, and has already been used by tens of thousands of engineers without ever attending a class. Buy a Starter Kit and experience it yourself.

2 EZRackPLC's ($308) for the cost of 1 Automationdirect Do-More PLC.

PLCDirect before it became AutomationDirect in 2000 made its name by offering 2 for 1, that is two of their PLCs for one of Allen Bradley. In every bench mark, now you can get two of EZRackPLC's for one of Do-More/BRX PLCs, and ours are Designed and Made in America, but shipped to you Factory Direct to save you the 50+% of mark-up of the national importer. For more details check the comparisons. For example, you can configure an EZRackPLC with 44 I/O: 16 DCI, 16 DCO, 8 AI and 4 AO for $645. Equivalent Do-More prices out at $1114. EZRackPLC has a number of features not available in Do-More, such as built-in IIoT MQTT with Spark Plug B support, EtherNet/IP Scanner, Adapter, Explicit/Implicit messaging, Break-point debugging, Virtual PLC Simulation without PLC hardware, USB program upload with out software and OEM Packager.

IIOT ready EZRackPLC with MQTT for data-logging & Ethernet IP Scanner with both implicit and explicit I/O messaging

EZRackPLC is our latest entry in the PLC world. It is exceptionally innovative with its IIOT ready MQTT with Ignition Sparkplug B protocol, a very tough mechanical design for IO retention, variety of 16 Point IO modules, Built in Ethernet, USB ports for programming and local data logging, Micro SD, and two serial ports. Its Ethernet IP Scanner allows it to control the entire network of Rockwell and compatible devices. It has both explicit and implicit I/O messaging. It comes in 3, 5, and 7 module bases not counting the CPU. It also has 16 bit Analog IO. It is the most advanced PLC in EZAutomation offering and a great value.

Most advanced Programming Software of EZRackPLC with Project Simulation and Debug.

EZRackPLC programming software is the most advanced software in our offering. It has additional features of Break-point debug, Project Simulation and advanced Function blocks. IO assignment is automatic wherever you decide to put your IO modules.

EZRackPLC I/O with patent pending design to avoid tab broken tabs.

Automationdirect DL205 series was for sure 2 for 1 of AB, but it had a nagging problem and still has one. The IO modules get locked into the rack but the tabs break, constantly. EZAutomation designed its rack so that its modules fit both in EZ and DL racks. In the process, our mechanical engineers solved the problem of broken tabs and a lock-in without the tabs, both is ADC and EZ racks.

Modular Expandable to 112 I/O in one package

EZRackPLC is availble in 3, 5 and 7 slots each capable of handling 16 I/O points for a total of 112.

Status LED for each I/O in every model.

We have served the Automation industry since 1968. In fact, one of the AVG divisions, Uticor is the inventor of PLCs themselves. We have been around the block and totally understand the value of maintenance and down time in a manufacturing plant. We always make troubleshooting as convenient and EZ as possible. That is why, all our IO points have an LED right next to the output terminal and the terminal block is always Ezily removable and plug-in.

EZRack DC Input I/O has another innovative unique feature in that there is a RED/GREEN bi-color LED for each input indicating if it is sourcing input or sinking input.

Program Upload through USB flash drive.

EZRackPLC program can be uploaded to its CPU thru the USB port without the need of laptop, cable and a software.

USBs for local data-logging.

If you need massive amount of data to be logged from a PLC, EZRackPLC is the best choice. It has a local USB port and of course it’s built-in IIOT compatibility allows the PLC/Process data to be stored at convenience for years.



The EZRackPLC is ready for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. With MQTT protocol support and direct connectivity to external devices such as sensors, RTDs, analog inputs, etc. as well as a easy to setup secure communication with open networks such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, EZRackPLC is not only a powerful PLC but also a low cost Edge Gateway device.

What is EZ IIoT?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) focuses on the interconnectivity and utilization of powerful data in a manufacturing environment. IIoT enables the acquisition and accessibility of important plant data at far greater speeds, security and reliability. IIoT incorporates machine learning and big data technology, harnessing the sensor data, machine-to-machine communication and automation technologies that have existed in industrial settings for years.

EZRackPLC IIoT Benefits

EZRackPLC built in IIoT and MQTT protocol support acts as a "bridge" between existing operational technology within a plant, for example factory machines, and plant database networks, so valuable data can be shared reliably and securely to improve plant productivity and efficiency.

  • Achieve better access to data and increase your company's bottom line
  • Notify production management of essential data to improve efficiency.
  • Alert maintenance team of critical data to troubleshoot machine and / or do preventitive maintenance
  • Increase connectivity and communications of essential data within manufacturing plant personnel from factory floor to executive offices
  • Securely and reliably share existing operational data of factory machines with plant networks
  • Get real-time data from anywhere in the world over secure MQTT protocol
  • Free IIoT Subscriber Utility Download
  • Automatically populates "topics" (Data) sent to broker from EZRack PLC MQTT Instruction
  • Push data function to local PC or Server
  • EZ to navigate "Essential Data" dashboard

Edge gateway, also known as "Edge-of-Network," devices unlock valuable data from existing operational equipment, providing your business powerful information that can be utilized to improve overall productivity and efficiency, thus increasing your bottom line! In the manufacturing world, edge gateway devices translate existing data used by control applications into an IIoT friendly format that can be sent to the "Internet". A secure, reliable and fast method of "edge gateway communication" is done through the widely accepted MQTT protocol.

The EZRackPLC operates as an “Edge-Gateway” device with direct connectivity to external devices such as sensors, RTDs, analog inputs, etc. It can take these direct inputs from devices, for example a 4-20 mA signal from a analog sensor, and do complex manipulations using the CPUs advanced math function blocks, and can then communicate that output securely with other operational devices over open protocols such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU or TCP/IP. Through the use of the MQTT protocol, EZRackPLC IIoT ready CPU can also publish up to 80 tags of the computed data to the "Internet" via a "Broker", thus providing a subscriber pertinent real time data from these external devices. The use of the MQTT protocol allows for great interoperability since it is becoming an industry standard. It also allows for great security through the broker. An important note with the EZRackPLC, is that it is very secure with the MQTT protocol instruction as there is no backwards flow of data. That is data is only ever published from the PLC; it will never accept any data or commands back from any server, broker or client. Hence, there is no fear of disruption to the machine/PLC operation. It is a secure and reliable method of sharing machine data to intended personnel.

Free, Drag-n-Drop Software

When PLCs came into existence, the PLC manufacturers followed the same convention as in relay ladder logic, however each manufacturer chose their own rules for connecting and adding ladder elements, such as start and stop contacts. Just like English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Hindi and other languages have their own scripts and their own grammar, PLC manufacturers like AB, Modicon, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Uticor and others developed their own grammar and syntax. Once you learned one language, you usually stuck with that brand of PLC.
Today, one single plant is likely to have multiple brands of PLCs, requiring Electricians & Maintenance personnel to remember these multiple languages. One may have learned AB Language months ago, but had not gotten a chance to use it. Troubleshooting the PLC system months later, it is going to be difficult trying to remember the correct syntax. If it is a Siemens PLC, it might take the same person a week to just get started. It is in this context the EZRackPLC Drag-n-Drop software was developed. It is essentially a graphical language. You draw the ladder intuitively.

No complicated syntax and rules. It can be learned in a few minutes. Tens of thousands of users learned this software without having to ever attend a class.

Unique Patent Pending Free Flow Logic

The concept of this patent pending Free Flow Ladder Logic is to create less restricted rungs of logic. This saves the user rung space and valuable scan time. On the right you will see an example of Free Flow Ladder-Logic. As you can see the Free Flow logic allows logic to be placed and connected anywhere in the rung rather than creating a new rung. This allows the user to spend more time on other parts of the machine development and let the CPU do more of the work of solving the logic.

EZRackPLCs have a unique feature in that it allows it to be the EtherNet Scanner/Master. That means it can be used as a Master controller for initiating communication with any EtherNet/IP compatible devices such as EtherNet/IP Encoders from Autotech Controls or EtherNet compatible powerflex AC drives or EtherNet temperature controller etc.