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Exceptionally Innovative
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Innovative Unique Features

  • One models for all needs
  • Digital settings with 0.1% Repeat accuracy
  • 1% Resolution
  • 1% Absolute Accuracy
  • Industry standard 8 pin & 11 pin octal plugs

EZTimer Features

One Model for all needs

The EZTime Delay Relay has adigitally programmable timer from 0.1 sec to 999 hrs for all its timer functions. Therefore it is able to eliminate stocking of hundereds of model numbers based on the Time range specifications.

Digital Settings with 0.1% Repeat Accuracy

Goodbye to knobs and pots. With the old analog timers, you will be lucky to repeat your timer setting to ±5% once you move the knob. Here with its digital setting, EZTimer is set to exact time to 3 digit resolution and has a repeat accuracy of 0.1%

1% Resolution & 1% Absoute Accuracy

A crystal controlled microprocessor inside the EZTimer gives you a 1% absolute accuracy as measured against the atomic click and a 1% resolution settings by its 3 digit display.

Industry Standard Output Specification

The EZTimer has industry standard pin out for 8 pin and 11 pin octal sockets. 1 Form C relays have 10 Amp contact ratings with built-in snubbers for control of arching and generation of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) when switching heavy inductive loads.

EZTimer Multi-Function Model

The EZTime Delay Relay TMM model can cut your inventory down to just one model because it is not only digital and programmable, but also has multiple modes of operation. Our TMM model can be set in Off delay, On delay, Single Shot or Cycle time mode.