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EZTouch Editor HMI programming software


EZTouch Editor HMI Programming Software

Version 2.X.X | EZTouch, EZTouchPLC and EZSoft HMI Products

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EZTouch Editor version 2.3.21

EZTouch Editor Software upgrade to v 2.4.0:

With EZTouch Editor 2.4.0, Release of EZTouch EZ3 "Enhanced" series models which are direct drop in replacements for all EZ3 HMIs have been added:

  • Addition of 12" and 15" EZ3 Enhanced Models to the line up
  • Support for 16-bit colors on all EZ3 Enhanced Models
  • Firmware upgrade via Ethernet

EZTouch Editor version 2.0

EZTouch Editor Software upgrade to v 2.0:

With EZTouch Editor 2.0, the Newly Designed Icons, Objects Configuration, Built-in Simulator, Symbol Library, Panel Objects Toolbars have been added:

  • Software level private labeling, allows private label images upon startup of panel
  • Emails now support TLS and SSL, sending emails that can be used with any Email Server (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) ** Note: For this function the relevant EZTouch HMI must have an Ethernet port.
  • Firmware upgrade using a USB flash drive
email with TLS and SSL support

Emails now support TLS and SSL:

The EZTouch Editor 2.0 now has support for sending emails that can be used with any Email Server (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). The email setup is very fast and easy and allows to send emails if there is an alarm or even on a scheduled basis (such as product count at shift change).

  • Email Server Setup
  • Email Recipients
  • Alarm Email Setup
  • Schedule Email
firmware upgrade using a USB drive

Firmware upgrade using a USB flash drive.

Maintenance engineers donโ€™t have to waste their time looking for the right programming cable. Just plug in a USB flash drive with the firmware on it and watch how quickly the panel updates itself without any user intervention!


EZTouch Editor Software upgrade to v 1.0.5:

With EZTouch Editor 1.0.5, the communication drivers have beeen added to the supported PLC Protocols

  • Support for EZRackPLC serial and ethernet drivers (EZ Serial and EZ TCP/IP).
Free Software Download


Includes programing of the newly released 7" EZTouchPLC unit which has a 7โ€ diagonal touch screen with 800x480 pixel resolution and is available with 32 I/O modular PLC base. I/O modules are not included and can be purchased separately.

Free Software Download

EZTouch Editor Software upgrade to v 1.0.2:

With EZTouch Editor 1.0.2, the following HMI screen programming have been added:

  • 7" Wide screen HMI development/programming
  • 6" EZTouchPLC Junior screen development/programming
Free Software Download

Even More PLC drivers added to EZTouch:

With EZTouch Editor 1.0, the following protocols have been added:

  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 800 CIP Protocol
  • Siemens Ethernet for S71200 & 1500 PLCs
  • Automation Direct Productivity Series (Serial & Ethernet)
Free Software Download

EZTouch® Protocol Converter Feature

Often times plants have multiple PLC manufacturers installed and hence have to deal with multiple PLC protocols. With EZTouch's broad range of industrial protocol support and NOW with the latest Protocol conversion feature, we make it EZ to communicate and transfer data from one PLC to the other. For example with the EZTouch global multi-function objects, we are able to convert data from an Allen Bradley PLC talking over Ethernet I/P automaticaly to a Siemens PLC over Siemen's ISO TCP/IP Protocol. Data can be automatically and continuously converted based on a tag event or time based. Furthemore the transferred data from one PLC brand to the other can also be logged both locally on the EZTouch HMI or over a network usng the new Free AVG File Manager Utility. Please click here for application note / programming examples for the Protocol Conversion.

Free Software Download

Dual Driver Support to simultaneously
interface with Major Brand PLCs

Now with dual protocol support, you can use EZTouch to talk with two different PLC drivers or a PLC and AC Drive. For example, EZTouch can talk over AB Ethernet I/P and Siemens ISO over TCP/IP at the same time! Or have a smart HMI with advanced PLC Control and I/O (EZTouch I/O) talk to existing PLC or AC Drive.

Free Software DownloadEmail and Text Alarm Messages

Advanced Alarm Management System allows user to program and send emails and text messages to various recipients based on a triggered or scheduled event/alarm.

Scripting / Expressions within the HMI Software

Create simple expressions using the new Scripting feature within EZTouch Editor. The HMI can now perform logic commands without the need for complicated PLC ladder. Perform math calculations, do bit level moves / manipulations and much more directly within the EZTouch Operator Interface.

New Updated AVG Symbol Factory

Even better graphics and objects available in new AVG Image Library. Additionally the new library allows you to use better image resolution when resizing objects and less memory consumption with a larger variety and more detailed objects.

Alarm and Data Logging Features

  • Record Alarms and Data on a USB thumb drive or Micro SD Card.
  • Schedule Data / Alarm logging based on time of day or triggered by an event (PLC tag).
  • View Data Remotely in .CSV format or Bar/Line Graphs on EZ-RMC Mobile App.

AVG File Manager - Data Logging Transfer Utility

Free download Data acquisition utility, designed to collect and save tag data from one or more (connected and running) EZ3 HMIs. The utility allows the user to take the data stored on the HMI (stored on either USB or microSD) and transfer the data over Ethernet to a designated folder on the Network. It essentially acts as a paperless chart-recorder. Data is transferred instantaneously as soon as the Move/Copy button is initiated.